Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Amazing news everyone, we have got the direct invitation to the closed qualifier of the Flashpoint CS:GO tournament “played from February 14th-17th”

We are extremely grateful and happy to have received this invitation 🤠 we hope to reach far 🏆 and we will prepare this upcoming week, not letting this awesome opportunity slip by.

On our twitter we have daily updates and there will be more information about the matches coming up 😃

-Kim-Erik Aanes
“We are super excited to get this invite, and not just because it’s a big tournament. For us it’s also a sign of recognition that our hard work is starting to show and pay off. Now all focus is on preparation for this qualifier and hopefully the boys will bring their a-game for this one. If they do there is no stopping them”

“We are so grateful that we got invited to the FLASHPOINT closed Qualifier, we were struggling to get invites for closed quals. Now as soon as we got this chance we don’t think we are going to miss it out, we will prepare and we gonna do our best to qualify for the L.A playoffs and qualify for the Global Event”


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