Through February we’ve been extremely proud of our team to have overcome the European Qualifier, granting us a spot at the Global Qualifier of Flashpoint League. Defeating several teams higher ranked than us, going on a 6/1 win/loss run we gained one of only two tickets, finishing second among 32 teams total in the European qualifiers.

It is with great sadness we have to cancel the trip due to a series of VISA application issues at the US Bulgarian Embassy, where our team and coach were declined their VISA`s as a result we are not able to participate in this event.

We want to thank the lawyers from FaceIT and those at the Embassy trying their best to help us with the VISA’s. We understand they had to do everything by the book, we are sad to say that it all came down to a misunderstanding about the potential winnings from the tournament.

We as a team are upset about this, but again this is not the end of the world! With the experience about how this process works will surely give us ammunition not to fail at a later stage. Because there will for sure will be several later stages!

We are practicing and prepared for new challenges and we have just begun our preparations for the Copenhagen Games in about 1.5 months.

Stay tuned Denmark. We are coming!

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