Bellum Gens Elite – Stara Zagora

This week we had the pleasure of attending our first LAN event after the covid outbreak. With 4 other invited teams and 5 teams that made it past the open qualifiers, we were ready to battle it out over the weekend.

We got a bumpy start as we ran into an unexpected loss in the first match of the group stages to MBAPPEEK. However we picked things up again and after a run in the lower brackets we got to the playoffs.

Here we faced our Bulgarian rivals FATE for the semi-finals! It ended up in a BO3 slugfest where we came out on top 2 – 1 in the end. This was an important battle for us and one of the highlights of the year.

In the grand final we once again came up against our round 1 opponents in MBAPPEEK. Once again the audience got to witness an amazing series of games! In the firs map of the series, we needed 4 overtimes to conclude it. MBAPPEEK came out victorious in that one, but we bounced back with a win on map 2 of the series. The 3rd map of the series was another hard fought map, but in  the end MBAPPEEK closed it out.

We came out in 2nd place of the tournaments and with that landed one of our strongest results of the year! With the result the boys also took home $2.500 and a great performance! We cant wait to see what comes up next.


CS:GO Team: First Anniversary

We are celebrating one year of signing our CS:GO roster and we are super proud of what the team has achieved in such a short span! While we are currently ranked at #44 (5th October 20020) in the world but the team has achieved a peak EU ranking of #19 and global ranking of #34 (4th May 2020). Over the last year, the team has won Gold in DAT Team Cup, EGB Siberian Frost, Sector: Mostbet Season 2 and Silver in Flash Point Season 1: EU Qualifiers, Relog Esports Season 1, AOC & Western Digital Winter Class and A1 Gaming League. We’d also like to thank Zix, Rock1nG and rafftu for their services and helping the team reach where they are right now! We assure things will only get bigger and better from here on…
#LetsHunt 🏹

Our Present Roster:

Nikolay ‘pNshr’ Puanin (Coach)

Teodor ‘SPELLAN’ Nikolov (IGL)

Denislav ‘dennyslaw’ Dimitrov

Aleks ‘Rainwaker’ Petrov

Blagoi ‘OxygeN’ Dimitrov

Viktor ‘Duplicate’ Mitev