We are proud to announce a long-term partnership agreement between SKADE and the Norwegian company KVARØY Arctic. The parties has for some time discussed the potential of a cooperation which now is being set into motion!

SKADE, as a Norwegian founded organization has good knowledge of the Norwegian Salmon industry which we now can proudly share, into as many corners of the gaming-world as possible. The main reason is the health benefits of this product which for decades and decades have been proven as one of the most nutritious products you can eat.

Being a professional athlete within gaming, as well as other sports, is more than just practicing to hit the mouse at the correct time, sacrificing your queen to ultimately win battle, or pushing the gas pedal to the bottom in your F1 car. In all of these and most sports you need your brain to function at the very highest peak for as long as possible. You need to make the right decisions, often in milliseconds.

Does nutrition play a part? Very much so, especially in the long run!

“Kvarøy Arctic is redefining the salmon farming industry through innovation and deep concern for the future of the fish we raise and the waters we live on. We have partnered in the development of the non-GMO food we provide our salmon. This has resulted in an omega-3 content that is twice as much as other farmed salmon, and a Fish In / Fish Out ratio of .48 to 1.

The flavour of Kvarøy Arctic salmon is informed by our breathtaking location. Fish have a merroir that reflect the waters in which they are raised. These waters are Arctic cool and clear with a deep fjord current that keeps the water fresh and help exercise the salmon, reducing fat levels and giving this beautiful fish a pristine clean flavour. Crisp and bright like our waters with a slight brininess of the sea.” – Kvarøy Arctic

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