Another title has been secured as we come out victorious in the duel against ESPADA in the grand final of Sector:MOSTBET Cup. With it comes a 7.000$ winning and we get our first tournament win of 2020!!

Our road to the final was in no way a simple one as we had to fight our way in the group stages where we beat HellRaisers and then Pompa. We then fell against Tricked and had to fight for our survival in the lower brackets. There was no stopping the boys tho and they plowed their way trough to the final with another win against Pompa and a sweet revenge against Tricked.

It’s now time for a much needed day of rest, before qualifiers during the weekend and next week we have both LOOT.Bet season 6 and MDL Relegation tournament starting up. Following us really does ensure that you get pretty much non-stop action 😉

This win means a lot of me and the team because it’s our first 1st placed tournament after I joined the team. I’m so happy for the boys because they show me that they are improving every day on the psychic level and keep their heads fresh and calm until the end of the match. We have had a crazy stacked schedule for the past 3-4 weeks and played every day except 2 or 3 (not sure :p), but the show must go on! – We’re ready to grind everything.

Next officials are scheduled for this weekend with Parimatch League hosted by SLTV. And next week we have MDL relegation tournament – It is still our main goal to get the slot for next MDL Season” – Nikolay “pNshr” Paunin

This win is very important for us because we got demotivated after not going to Los Angeles because of the visa issues. We had an amazing run in the closed qualifier after beating such good teams. The playoffs started a little bit scary because we lost our first bo3 and went to lower bracket. Afterwards we were winning every bo3, but were losing every single first map :D. The atmosphere was very good, everyone was calm and we were just hitting our shots.” – Alex “rainwaker” Petrov (grand final MVP)

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