WINTER CLASH 2019 | SKADE vs Moscow5 Academy

WINTER CLASH 2019 | SKADE vs Moscow5 Academy

Our first map is scheduled to start at 19:00 CET, December 4th. The game is played in the B03 format.

We were invited to the tournament in the last moment, and we hope to reach far. For the most we have been on a winning streak and we hope to continue it as far as we can go.

As for our team, Skadegg we have recently taken part in a number of tournaments such as WESG 2019 and Qi Banja Luka 2019 Europe Qualifier. in Banja Luka we lost to Aristocracy and in WESG we are playing against Virtus.Pro next Friday.

Send our team some love and support! πŸ˜πŸ€©

You can come by our stream at: hosted by our Norwegian streamers.
or watch the official stream at:

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