After a long fight against many talented teams, we have fought our way to the finals! 💪

We are excited to be able to play in the finals against WaitForTag in the AOC & Western digital Winter clash.
This years Winter clash has been challenging for the players here at Skade. But we have pulled through with 2-0 victories on every match.

Before the final we play in the quarter final of Lootbet season 5 vs. 🇳🇴 Nordavind DNB tomorrow📣13:00! Lots of action coming up! on Thursday we take on WaitForTag.

We are pumped for the finals and hope that we will preform well to secure the victory. 💪

“well about Thursday, we are full with confidence and we believe that we will win against WaitForTag and finish 1st place in the tournament. Against ‘Majesty’ we didn’t think about anything else but winning, we were prepared and we knew that we would win 2-0 and it ended up as planned” – Teodor “Spellan” Nikolov

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