Official Announcement: European Finals of Metal League Pro

As many of you are aware, amid ongoing tense atmosphere in Belarus due to the elections, Internet connectivity has been disrupted across the country since earlier today. This meant at least 3 out of 4 players were unable play in the European Finals of Metal League. We reached out to the admins of Heavy Metal Machines and explained them the gravity of the situation. But after a lot of back and forth discussions, we received a ‘technical loss’, which we accepted with a heavy heart. Everyone at SKADE including the players were stoked on reaching the EU finals but due to these unforeseen circumstances we were unable to play in the finals.

Kim-Erik Aanes, CEO: “Just like everyone else at SKADE, I was really keen to a great final of the EU Metal League PRO. So getting a default loss based on circumstances that our players had no control of doesn’t feel too good. But finishing the tournament in the 2nd place is still a great result and I am confident that the boys will get their revenge in the coming season.”

Anton Prikhodko Olegovych, team captain: “It’s not how we had imagined the final will go down especially after all the hard work we put in to reach here. In such situations, where nothing depends on us, it remains only not to get nervous once again. However, we will come back stronger next season and try to win it.”

– Team SKADE💙


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