Bootcamp for the VALORANT Team

The VALORANT Team’s Bootcamp will mark their first appearance together as a team. The bootcamp was crucial since we had a minor shuffle in the roster. We decided to bring in Manneten as a replacement for PHYRN, as PHYRN decided to step down from the roster due to motivational issues and struggling to find a balance between playing fulltime and keeping his school in check. The bootcamp commences on 14th of September and ends on 20th of September 2020.

Here’s what the coach and the captain has to say about the bootcamp:
Team coach, sebbz: “This bootcamp will be a great head start for us on the new meta and to build some more team chemistry. We’re stoked about this opportunity and can’t wait to show our progress in the coming weeks!”
IGL, LATEKS: “It feels good to finally be able to meet all my teammates in person and get some quality progress done this week. As we also just got Manneten into the team it’s also important for us to get a jump on practice to get ahead of some lost time.”

Here’s the current roster:
Sebastian ‘sebbz’ Fredriksson – Coach
Oliwer ‘LATEKS’ Fahlander – IGL
Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund
Linus ‘Limpone’ Wecksell
Gabriel ‘shew’ Gessle
Andreas ‘EPZZ’ Vallvingskog
#LetsHunt :bow_and_arrow:

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