A time for change

As the season comes to an end it is also a time to evaluate our roster and we have concluded that change is needed.

With this in mind we bid farewell to KalinKalubeRErenditsov and he is now free to explore his future with other teams.

He was the latest addition to our squad and has had some impressive results in a short time. With him in the squad we managed to claim victories in tournaments such as William Hill Cup, IronWar Grand Prix and many other impressive results. He was also with us at IEM Fall where we came as close as one can get against some of the biggest names in esports.

“When we brought KalubeR into the squad we knew there was a lot of raw potential there. And he has managed to show us on several occations that there is plenty of firepower in him. This time it came down to our lineup being in dire need of more experience and thus a change has to be done.” – Head of esports, Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes

We want to wish this hunter all the best of luck in his future endevours and we hope to see him find a fitting new home.

For us in SKADE the journey and evaluation now continues with updates to the lineup to follow shortly.

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