A new hunter joins the pack!

In a period where we have announced several departures, it is now time to bring someone new to the pack.

With this in mind we are happy to present you all with the latest addition to our COD Mobile pack, Danilo MihawkKim!!

We have been searching for a new fifth for quite some time now, even before COD Worlds. Now that worlds is done with and the roster changes are happening we had the opportunity to sign with Mihawk, who we think is the perfect match for our squad.

He has shown what he can do in the role as captain for Godsent and there is no doubt he has the firepower to be one of the greatest. As a player known for intelligent plays, we are confident that he can bring a lot to the table now as we partner him up with our own professor of COD, Palitao.

“It’s been a long and detailed process trying to find a good match for our sqaud with long term goals in mind. We are on a quest to not only build on what we have started, as the best team in LATAM. But also towards becoming the best in the world. Danilo MihawkKim seems like a perfect fit to that puzzle.”Kim-Erik “ZarotaN” Aanes, Head of esports

“Having been their main rival for two years as their opponent’s captain. I’m now a part of this team! It feels like now the main strengths from each side are all gathered together. I hope that I can turn out to be the greatest addition to this team! I’ll do my best as I’ve always done, to be #1 at any cost.”Danilo MihawkKim

In January the work starts and people will see our new squad in action towards the end of the month. We plan to hit 2022 with as much impact as an avalanche set of by Skaði herself!! #LetsHunt

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