First CSGO bootcamp of the year complete!

With a newly composed lineup it was key for us to start building on what we know we have. The first step was a bootcamp to get familiar with each other and setting a roadmap for the squad.

After close to two years of covid restrictions making it more than just a bit tricky to do bootcamps, it was finally time. In late January the CSGO squad and our head of esports packed up their hunting gear. Headed to Warsaw, and the Kinguin esports performance center to begin creating their master plan.

Even though most of our activity is digital, one must never underestimate the effect of human contact. This was the main reasoning for doing a bootcamp early on in the run of this squad. Learning to know your teammates, understanding them and watching their body language as well as listening. Key information for understanding your allies in an online situation.

In terms of what happens in-game we had a tight schedule for the entire bootcamp with a solid mix of scrims and official matches. When this team was launched the expectations from the community was immense, but no more so than the expectations of the players themselves.

We had some great scrims with a lot of new plays to put into effect. With all of our players switching up their roles, there’s also some growth pains. This resulted in results that the players were not happy with at all in our officials. However, being together is also a much better arena to talk these things out and make sure everyone sets their focus on what is to come.

The team is confident in their abilities and there is no doubt that the goals set will be attainable in the time span set. With confidence comes great results, and we are hunting for the biggest prey of them all!

“When working with people you have directly in front of you the effect of what i do is much faster than online. To do what i do i need a connection with the players and reading body language is a big part of it. Especially where there is an added barrier of language. It was great getting to know the guys and i am now more confident than ever before about this project” – Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes, Head of esports

“I am happy to meet all of the players and Zarotan . It was important to get to know each other. I am feeling confident to say that in long term with this lineup we can fight next to the top10 teams. There is a lot of work to get to this level, because all of us except dennyslaw is changing role, so it will take time. However, the mentality and hunger for success in the boys is strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team will grow faster than my expectations.” – Kamen bubbleKostadinov, IGL

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