6 tournaments, 6 grand finals, 4 times champions!

Our Call of Duty Mobile squad have had an incredible start to 2022 and they are for sure on track towards this year’s COD Mobile World championship

After what was nothing short of an amazing year one for us in COD Mobile in 2021, we made sure to commit to the scene for the long run. Having spent most of the first season getting used to the scene, trying out players and adjusting. We came into the year more prepared than ever before, and we even strengthened our line-up by bringing in Danilo “ Mihawk” Kim. 

January was a month of adaptation, getting used to each other and adjusting to changes in the squad. However, the guys quickly started to show signs of what they could do. In February the fun started for real, and we started getting some quality tournaments. As a result, we have seen the guys only drop 2 matches from mid-February until now. Not only that, in 6 tournaments they have made it to 6 grand finals and conquered 4 of them!  

Impressive is almost not enough of a compliment to explain their form lately. And now that the qualifiers for the COD Mobile World Championship have started, we can’t wait to show the world what these guys can do. 

“We were looking forward to the year 2022, with the arrival of Mihawk, considered by many to be the best player in Brazil and being the former captain of our biggest rival. Even with a rough start, the new lineup has adapted very well and seems to play with a chemistry of years these days. We reached every final of the year and won 4 titles out of the 6 played. But it’s just the beginning, we are working hard and we are very confident that we will be the best team in Latin America and win the spot for the world championship in the middle of the year.”Gustavo LiNBZLin Pacifico

“I think that the team just fits perfectly for my game style. I’ve been feeling great playing in the team and been performing just the way I wanted in the beginning. I think that if we keep the mindset of always being able to evolve in any way possible, we’ll maintain this level in the competition and get even better.”Danilo MihawkKim

“As the coach of the team i would say that everyone is playing really well because everyone is simply happy while playing, we’ve been practicing for 3 months this year and it doesnt even look like that we are “working” we are just doing what we love and the boys are making it look easy. Since mihawk’s arrival on SKADE, i’ve been focusing a lot on his adaptation and chemistry with his new team. My goal is to always make sure players are happy and comfortable. If you give me good players i will make them fell well no matter what were their previous playstyles and habits.” Vinicius “PalitãoAlbuquerque

“I was mindblown with the performance of the guys in 2021 and there was no doubt we wanted to sign them for the long run. Now that we have brought in extra firepower, it is on our administrative team to help provide the guys with the best possible environment for performance. 2022 will be a magical year for sure.”Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes

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