Skade X Norsk industri

We are excited to announce a new partnership!

SKADE are excited to announce a new partnership with The Federation of Norwegian Industries as they seek to increase the recruitment of young gamers and esports enthusiasts into Norwegian industrial companies. The campaign will promote different opportunities within the industrial sector for prospects in the esports scene. The one-year partnerships have an intention of seeing a long-term collaboration and will during the first year see a unique content series and a showcase of opportunities within the sector. The Federation of Norwegian Industries will become an official SKADE partner and support all national activities for the Norwegian brand.

“We experience that several companies here are desperate for more technical competence. Esports fans and enthusiasts are known for being technology literate and having specific IT expertise. Together with our new partner, we will show how this relevant competence can be transferred to industrial jobs and all the opportunities within the sector” – Morten Skaland, CEO at SKADE.

“The industrial sector is already working with virtual tools and digital simulation to test out new solutions digitally, or to remote control production and maintenance. Esports and industrial companies use the same tools to get the job done, and the gaming sector develops graphics, simulation techniques and equipment that we use in the transition to modern production. Through this collaboration, we hope to make esports enthusiasts and gamers gain an insight look on how industrial companies make use of new technology. We want to increase the awareness of the connection between gaming – technology – industry” – Kjetil Tvedt, Chief Adviser for Recruitment and Education, Norsk Industri

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