Welcome, Fokeey and Henricat!

We are excited to announce the acquisition of Henrique “henricat” de Oliveira Lima and Allan “FOKEEy” Geraldo Torres! Both players are joining from another Brazilian roster – FR Bulls. They are no strangers to us as they competed against SKADE last year in the LATAM World Championship qualifiers where they lost in the Semifinals against us in a tight 3-2 series. The boys just narrowly missed out on Worlds qualification as they finished the qualifier top 4.

Allan “FOKEEy” Geraldo Torres is 19 and was the captain of FR Bulls for 2 years, used to be an anchor but is a jack of all trades that can fit many roles – in-game leader, rotation player, objective player, sniper, and support. Very solid tactically.

Henrique “henricat” de Oliveira Lima is also 19 and has been competing since he was only 15! He is also extremely versatile: an explosive player, good with the SKS, and a good sniper that will give even PABZERA a run for his money!

For the past two years, both players have faced SKADE many times and have been our close rivals. They are glad to be on our side now.

Henricat and FOKEEy are amazing prospects in the LATAM scene and we are very happy to provide them with the opportunity to show what they are capable of!

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