Glimt satser på e-sport – nå starter spillerjakten

Kim Erik Aanes fra Mosjøen har lang erfaring innen e-sport.

Som lærer ved e-sportslinja på Vefsn folkehøgskole har han bidratt til at flere har fått øynene opp for «gaming» som profesjonell aktivitet.

Han har allerede trent flere lag som har hevdet seg i Europatoppen, blant annet innenfor skytespillet Counter-Strike.


Bodø/Glimt starter med e-sport

I dag, tirsdag 18. august ble det klart at e-sport laget SKADE fra Helgeland etablerer et samarbeid med FK Bodø/Glimt i det som blir en felles satsning på e-sport innen FIFA. Begge parter har som mål å hevde seg i norgestoppen innenfor spillet via eSerien til Eliteserien og de ønsker å gjøre det med spillere fra Nordland.


Official Announcement: European Finals of Metal League Pro

As many of you are aware, amid ongoing tense atmosphere in Belarus due to the elections, Internet connectivity has been disrupted across the country since earlier today. This meant at least 3 out of 4 players were unable play in the European Finals of Metal League. We reached out to the admins of Heavy Metal Machines and explained them the gravity of the situation. But after a lot of back and forth discussions, we received a ‘technical loss’, which we accepted with a heavy heart. Everyone at SKADE including the players were stoked on reaching the EU finals but due to these unforeseen circumstances we were unable to play in the finals.

Kim-Erik Aanes, CEO: “Just like everyone else at SKADE, I was really keen to a great final of the EU Metal League PRO. So getting a default loss based on circumstances that our players had no control of doesn’t feel too good. But finishing the tournament in the 2nd place is still a great result and I am confident that the boys will get their revenge in the coming season.”

Anton Prikhodko Olegovych, team captain: “It’s not how we had imagined the final will go down especially after all the hard work we put in to reach here. In such situations, where nothing depends on us, it remains only not to get nervous once again. However, we will come back stronger next season and try to win it.”

– Team SKADE💙



Welcome Psycho!

Our Female CS:GO team’s latest recruit is Esmee Pauw a.k.a Psycho! She’s built a name for herself with her remarkable aim and lightning fast reflexes. Previously she has been on the rosters of Rivals EU, Singularity and Spirifex, among others.

This 22-year-old from Amsterdam will be replacing Anja ‘Annja’ Vasalic on the team. While the decision to replace Annja was a difficult one, however it had to be done after some careful consideration. We’re confident that she will bring a fresh perspective, commitment and a willingness to think in new ways.

“I have a lot of faith in the team. We understand our strengths and weaknesses, and no one is overconfident.” said Psycho.

Cassandra ‘kezziwOw’ Héjja, Team Captain added, “Sometimes changes have to be done to acquire five people that truly have the same motive, and with the addition of Esmee I think we have finally achieved that.”

The updated roster will start playing together in the Ambush Female Summer Cup on the 8th of August. Don’t forget to support us; you don’t want to miss this tournament, stacked with the best teams in Europe, it’s surely going to be entertaining! Here’s the final roster:

Cassandra ‘kezziwOw’ Héjja (IGL)
Hege ‘Hedje’ Botnen
Ana ‘ZAna-th’ Queiroz
Eda ‘Flutura’ Mutu
Esmee ‘Psycho’ Pauw



DreamHack Showdown!!

Tomorrow marks a big day for us as the SKADE female team starts their journey in DreamHack Showdown!!

It is finally time for them to show what they have on the big stage and they are hungry for success! We start things tomorrow by going up against Giants Gaming at 14:00 CEST!

DreamHack Showdown bolsters a prize pool of 25.000$ and just by making it into the top 6 stages the team has secured a bit of winnings already. The other teams in the tournament consists of Galaxy Racer, Originem, Arcane Wave and Team DeftFox.

“We have all worked really hard to be able to qualify for this tournament as it is one of the biggest ones for the female scene. Due to us being a fairly new team we had to work extra hard to catch up with other teams. We have had professional players who has coached us during praccs and officials to help us faster and they all have been a huge impact to the team we have ended up being now” – Eda “Flutura” Mutu

“As the IGL I have the responsability to be the “stronghold” of the team both inside and outside of the game. We definitely have aspects where we’re lacking in due to the short amount of time spent together, but the ambition and enthusiasm that we have within the team will always push us to our best form.” – Cassandra “kessziwOw” Héjja

“Hello all! My name is Anja and I am the entry fragger for skade female. I’ve been working super hard in preparation for dreamhack showdown! Every single day i am dming to ensure my aim is in top shape for the tournament. Im very excited to show some results with the team.” – Anja “aNNja” Vasalic


SKADE ventures into new grounds!!

We are proud to announce that we have been able to pick up one of the strongest teams in the world of Heavy Metal Machines! Heavy Metal Machines has been out for a while now, but the time has now come for them to fully engage in esports. A league with beginner and pro stages for both NA and EU regions has already started with weekly qualifiers. Beginner teams fight for points and bragging rights while the PRO’s are in the fight for 5.000€!!

Give the boys a warm welcome as they join the ranks of SKADE:

Leonid “Executor” Chernetski – Transporter

Artyom “Booprider” Orlov – Support

Hamenko “Jenoss” Gleb – Interceptor

Prikhodko “Aga-da” Anton – Interceptor

Igor “Ingiman” Kravchenko – Interceptor

Very happy to enter the organization, hoping to meet expectations and unleash our full potential. If you like challenges, you should try HMM. It’s constantly high tempo won’t leave you for a second without action.

I’ll do my best to reach the height of my cybersports career

We are excited to be able to get into a game with huge esports potential. The game is kind to beginners and amazingly hard to master just like any good esports game should be. Fortunately, we have been able to pick up one of, if not THE strongest teams in the game. The future looks great
– CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes


Kim og gjengen har mange spennende nyheter på gang: – Vi skal plukke opp dem som faller utenfor

Nye samarbeid, stort event i Mosjøen og eget akademi i sentrum er noe av det gründer Kim-Erik Aanes og hans lag i HelgeLAN AS har jobbet med den siste tiden.


With time comes change

For those who have been following us for some time now you may have noticed some change in the past week. As we have been batteling to find our form and get back into shape, it became clear that some changes would be needed.

It has been a long and tough process, but the team has decided to bench Ivan “rock1ng” Stratiev and Kostadin “rafftu” Turbinov.

Replacements will come in the form of Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev from FATE Esports and Blagoi “Oxygen” Yordanov Dimitrov. These young talents will bring some much needed fresh minds into the roster and a positive vibe. Duplicate is the more established one and will surely bring his experience and Oxygen has the raw aim that’s needed in todays CSGO meta.

“This has been something we have worked on for some time now and it was not an easy decision to make. With the changes we have made we feel like it is the optimal lineup to have in the Bulgarian scene right now and i cant wait to see what the future brings.”
– CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

“I feel pretty bad that our start lineup didnt work out in the end, as Rock1nG and Rafftu are great guys, but something needed to change. At the same time im extra motivated to work with the new lineup which is new as lately my motivation was not great and i believe we can achieve great things with oxygen and duplicate as they are both really interesting young and fresh talent!”
– Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov

Make sure you give our new players a warm welcome and stay tuned for the greatness that is to come!!


Dette er trolig den eneste sporten som har blomstret under korona

E-sport har blomstret og skutt fart den siste tiden. Årsaken kan være at det blir en erstatning for annen sport, mener ekspertene.

Mens annen sport ligger nede, har e-sporten blitt mer populær under korona-pandemien.

– Det er jo så mange som ser alt av sport. Og nå sulter de litt, forteller Kim Erik Aanes.


Player Announcement

We are happy to announce the new addition to our CS:GO Female AKA SKADIES roster, Eda “FLUTURA” Mutu!

“I am known as Flutura, I am 21 years old and have been playing CS since 1.6 where I saw my brother play the game. I was 8 years old then and been addicted to the game ever since. I have played 1.6, zero, source and now Im playing go. I have been playing on different teams since 2015 and have qualified for different tournaments such as Dreamhack and WESG. Due to my teammates having visa issues, we werent able to play on lan tho. I am known as having a strong aim and I have always played as an entryfragger in every team I have played in. I became a professional CSGO player in 2018 when I joined ACES esport. I also started streaming around 2 years ago and have been streaming it part time ever since, due to school and a pro team I couldnt stream as much as I wanted to it was on and off constantly, but ever since I finished high school I have been streaming more consistent. I love the community I have created with my viewers and I couldnt be more grateful, they are the most understanding people when it comes down to stuff, specially mental health and I appericiate them more than words can describe. They make streaming way more fun and they always know how to make me smile. I also have a part time job at an interior store next to having a pro team and streaming. I hope with this new team, I am able to give some firepower and be able to win tournaments. Not only that but I also hope I will bring a lot of laughter and good memories with the girls. I cant wait to get started with the grind again.”

Welcome to SKADE Flutura!