“Er de nye toppidrettsutøverne virtuelle?”

Når ble det egentlig toppidrett å spille videospill? I store deler av verden regnes nå data- og videospilling som idrett og ‘gamere’ kalles ‘virtuelle idrettsutøvere’. Konkurranser i videospilling er blitt e-sport. Grovt sett finnes det tre kategorier av e-sport: (1) strategispill (som Star Craft og League of Legends), (2) spill som simulerer analog/fysisk idrett (FIFA, NBA, NHL) og (3) skytespill (såkalte ‘First person shooters’ som Counter Strike og Fortnite). Strategispillet League of Legends (LoL) er en av de mest populære spillene med 100 millioner individuelle spillere i 2018. Blant spillene som simulerer idrett er FIFA mest populært med sine 45 millioner spillere, men størst av alle troner skytespillet Fortnite med over 250 millioner spillere. De mest anerkjente utøverne kringkaster seg selv mens de spiller, på plattformer hvor de kan snakke med sine fans mens de spiller. Noen av dem har globale følgerskarer på størrelse med fanbasen til rockestjerner. 


Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Amazing news everyone, we have got the direct invitation to the closed qualifier of the Flashpoint CS:GO tournament “played from February 14th-17th”

We are extremely grateful and happy to have received this invitation 🤠 we hope to reach far 🏆 and we will prepare this upcoming week, not letting this awesome opportunity slip by.

On our twitter we have daily updates and there will be more information about the matches coming up 😃

-Kim-Erik Aanes
“We are super excited to get this invite, and not just because it’s a big tournament. For us it’s also a sign of recognition that our hard work is starting to show and pay off. Now all focus is on preparation for this qualifier and hopefully the boys will bring their a-game for this one. If they do there is no stopping them”

“We are so grateful that we got invited to the FLASHPOINT closed Qualifier, we were struggling to get invites for closed quals. Now as soon as we got this chance we don’t think we are going to miss it out, we will prepare and we gonna do our best to qualify for the L.A playoffs and qualify for the Global Event”…/5…/flashpoint-europe-closed-qualifier

#Skadegg #Tournament #Flashpoint




These past few months we have had tons of success with our amazing CSGO Team.
And that is why we have decided to expand our horizons and open up for other games here at SkadeGG.

We are proud to announce our new Roster of PUBG Players

– 🇳🇴Lux –
– 🇧🇪Aerckie –
– 🇫🇮Peltsij –

Here are a few statements from the Staff and players here at SkadeGG

CEO of skade Kim-Erik Aanes
– We have had an amazing run so far with CSGO and i am super happy with the expansion into PUBG as well. This lineup is composed of hungry players that have a true passion for their game and it’s scene. Hopefully with our backing they can reach their goals and work their way to the top in a year where PUBG is in an important stage of it’s esports life. I can’t wait to start working with them and i am 100% sure that me and the staff of SKADE will do everything in our power to lift them up.


– We’re super happy for this opportunity that we’ve been working hard to achieve as individuals, and i cant wait to show what we’re capable to achieve with this lineup.

– Even though this line up is really fresh, we’re all 100% committed to reach our absolute max both as the team, and for the organization.


– I’m excited to become part of this new and strong looking lineup.


What a start we had

What a start we had

What a start we have had!

To think that we launched only a few months ago and today, we stand as champions of yet another tournament as we win DAT Team Cup 🤩

2019 has been nothing short of amazing for us as we have shown everyone that hard work pays off. We started with bold predictions that we would be a part of the top 30 scene in EU at the end of the year. Guess what? We now sit at #25 😎 We said we would win at least 1 tournament.. we won 2! 😁

As we move forward we will focus on not just climbing the ranks in CS, but also growing the organisation in all ways we can. More content, more fan engagement, more staff and more game titles. 2020 will be the year of SKADE. 😉

“2019 has been one heck of a ride! For me personally it feels great to be back in management of a team that’s capable of performing at the highest level of esports again. My goal has always been to prove that passion and actually caring for your players and staff get’s you to the top. And with the foundations we have set in 2019, I am confident that 2020 will be even more amazing. The players are passionate, the staff really cares and we have found that family feeling.” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

“I joined SKADE 2 months ago, of course every beginning is really hard and when I’m joining as an IGL we basically have to start from scratch. However we’ve been putting lots of hours into our game and even tho we had some ups and downs I am really happy with the way we are ending this year. Not only because of the wins lately, but also because I can see real improvement. I also want to say that I am really surprised with the organisation and the people in it, everyone is really nice and everyone really cares about all the players and is trying to help with everything possible! I Think in 2020 we can become a solid contender to the better teams and prove to the world that we can do a lot of damage.” – IGL, Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov

“It’s been a year with a lot of ups and downs for me, but it surely ended on a high. I joined Bpro back in January, where we had to go trough a lot of changes with players, roles etc. We still managed to compete on a decent level and take down some good teams, but in September our contracts were about to expire and we got a great offer from SKADE and we opted to sign with them. I’m not going to lie and say it was an easy choice, because the previous org helped us a lot and especially the CEO who brought in a sports psychologist that was really beneficial to us and a crucial part of my development. Our new adventure started when we signed with SKADE. Even tho SKADE is a new org, the people behind it are really experienced and really want to help with everything they know. The guys are always in touch with us and take care of what we do both inside and outside of the game. We understand how important that is and really appreciate it! They were so kind to us that at one point we couldn’t believe that it was true, but it was. We got to meet each other at a bootcamp in Norway and now I am really happy and glad that we have these guys holding our backs! – Denislav “dennyslaw” Dimitrov

With these words and kind statements we wish all our followers and fans a Happy New Year!! And we hope you stay with us for all the great things to come in 2020 🥳🥳


RES CS:GO Season 1 | LAN-Finals 🔥🔥

RES CS:GO Season 1 | LAN-Finals 🔥🔥

Relog Media hosts their first RES Season, featuring a Prize Pool of $10,000. December 21st the LAN finals in Belgrade, Serbia begins. Eight teams was invited from the start including Skade, and two more slots was filled by the winners of online qualifiers.

Four teams then made it on to the LAN-Finals in Belgrade. Here Skade Face Nexus Gaming and FATE eSports will Face Radnicki eSports in single-elimination BO3. Winner of the two BO3’s meet in the final, competing for the grand prize of $5,000. 2nd place wins $3000 and 3-4th gets $1000.

Our match against Nexus is scheduled to begin at 📣12:00 tomorrow. We hope to leave with a victory💪, last time we got 2nd place, but this time we fight for 1st place. Seeing this is Skades first LAN-Final we are very Happy😁 and excited we made it this far in RES CS:GO Season 1.

Come cheer for us in tomorrows semi-final 🥳. Our casters won’t be able to stream it but it will be streamed live on Relog Medias official stream. Stay tuned for updates on our social medias, especially Twitter. Don’t miss the action 🔥📣❤️…/2…/skade-vs-nexus-res-season-1-finals


Lower bracket in LOOT.BET Season 5

Lower bracket in LOOT.BET Season 5

📣19:55 today we play against x-kom AGO in semi-final lower bracket. we hope to fight our way to victory and eventually meet Nordavind DNB once again. You might have heard that “All good things come in threes”. Indeed if we win against Nordavind again in the Final it will be our third victory against them. 😎

Come watch the stream and show support and love ❤️❤️
and we might just get to meet Nordavind once more.




After a long fight against many talented teams, we have fought our way to the finals! 💪

We are excited to be able to play in the finals against WaitForTag in the AOC & Western digital Winter clash.
This years Winter clash has been challenging for the players here at Skade. But we have pulled through with 2-0 victories on every match.

Before the final we play in the quarter final of Lootbet season 5 vs. 🇳🇴 Nordavind DNB tomorrow📣13:00! Lots of action coming up! on Thursday we take on WaitForTag.

We are pumped for the finals and hope that we will preform well to secure the victory. 💪

“well about Thursday, we are full with confidence and we believe that we will win against WaitForTag and finish 1st place in the tournament. Against ‘Majesty’ we didn’t think about anything else but winning, we were prepared and we knew that we would win 2-0 and it ended up as planned” – Teodor “Spellan” Nikolov

Follow our twitter for constant updates.
Come show support on upcoming matches. ❤❤️


I DAG spiller vi mot i semifinalekvalifiseringen for WESG!

I DAG spiller vi mot i semifinalen kvalifisering for World Electronic Sports Games (WESG)! Våre hjul er klare 👨 🎤 – vårt team er klart! 🦹 ♂️ – så bli med på noen midt på dagen handling her!

WESG er en stor esport turnering organisasjon, en av de største i Asia. Deres eiere Alisports, eid av selvfølgelig Alibaba, tar sikte på å "presse frem den digitale revolusjonen". De er den digitale sponsoren av de olympiske leker, som nå har lagt merke til esports, så hvor vil dette gå..??!

Som et kinabasert selskap ønsker de også å bringe kinesisk idrett nærmere verden og "for å holde folk sunne og lykkelige".

Fine ting og et fint selskap! Vi vil gjøre det som er i vår makt for å vinne finalen og plassen på WESG Winter 2020 LIVE-arrangementet! ☝️☝️☝️




TODAY we play against in semi-final qualifier for WESG!

TODAY we play against in semi-final qualifier for World Electronic Sports Games (WESG)! Our casters are ready 👨‍🎤 – our team is ready!! 🦹‍♂️ – so join in for some mid-day action here!!

WESG is a huge esport tournament organization, one of the biggest in Asia. Their owners Alisports, owned by ofcourse Alibaba, aim to “push forward the digital revolution”. They are the digital sponsor of the Olympic Games, which now have noticed esports, so where will this go..??!

As a Chinabased company they also want to bring Chinese sports closer to the world and “to keep people healthy and happy”.

Nice things and a nice company! We will do what is in our power to win the finals and the spot at the WESG Winter 2020 LIVE event!! ☝️☝️☝️




WINTER CLASH 2019 | SKADE vs Moscow5 Academy

WINTER CLASH 2019 | SKADE vs Moscow5 Academy

Our first map is scheduled to start at 19:00 CET, December 4th. The game is played in the B03 format.

We were invited to the tournament in the last moment, and we hope to reach far. For the most we have been on a winning streak and we hope to continue it as far as we can go.

As for our team, Skadegg we have recently taken part in a number of tournaments such as WESG 2019 and Qi Banja Luka 2019 Europe Qualifier. in Banja Luka we lost to Aristocracy and in WESG we are playing against Virtus.Pro next Friday.

Send our team some love and support! 😍🤩

You can come by our stream at: hosted by our Norwegian streamers.
or watch the official stream at: