SKADE ventures into the influencer scene!

As a part of our new adventures into the Brazilian mobile esports market, we can now finally present our latest addition.

Meet SKADE’s first influence, Japa Tamashiro! Japa is a typical 19 year old guy from Maringa, Parana in Brazil who loves playing Call of Duty mobile and many other games. Except he has over 150k followers on YouTube alone and is one of the biggest CODM influencers in Brazil!

After an overwhelming response and support by the hunters in Brazil, we decided to take it up a notch in terms of engagement with this tightly-knit community. So we recruited a hunter who knows the pulse of this community and create content that’s relatable to anyone who loves gaming.

We loved Japa’s upbeat and positive personality & are so excited to have this new hunter join the pack! We believe, with our expertise combined with the skills of Japa, we can scale new peaks! You all can expect more crazy and meaningful content plus great collaborations on our channel soon.

SKADE still has a lot of plans for this newly discovered market and we have plenty more news and announcements to come over the next few months. We hope to establish our brand as a household name in the mobile esports scene and we will do it via South America!

Watch now to know more about him, welcome Japa!

SKADE COD Welcomes Japa!!

SKADE se aventura no cenário de influenciadores!

Como parte das nossas novas aventuras no mercado brasileiro de esports mobile, nós podemos finalmente apresentar nossa nova contratação.

Conheça o primeiro influencer da SKADE, Japa Tamashiro! Japa é típico de 19 ano de Maringá, Paraná no Brasil que adora jogar Call of Duty Mobile. A diferença é que ele tem mais de 150 mil seguidores apenas no Youtube e é um dos maiores influenciadores do CODM no Brasil!

Depois de uma resposta esmagadora e do apoio dos caçadores no Brasil, decidimos elevar o nível em termos de envolvimento com esta comunidade unida. Por isso recrutamos um caçador que está ligado nesta comunidade e cria conteúdo que pode ser identificado por qualquer pessoa que adore jogos.

Amamos a personalidade otimista e positiva de Japa e estamos muito animados por ter esse novo caçador se juntando ao bando! Acreditamos que, com nossa expertise combinada com as habilidades do Japa, podemos alcançar novas alturas! Todos vocês podem esperar mais conteúdo louco e relevante, além de grandes colaborações em nosso canal em breve.

A SKADE ainda tem muitos planos para esse recém-descoberto e temos muito mais novidades e anúncios nos próximos meses. Nós esperamos estabelecer nosssa marca como referência no cenário de esports mobile e faremos isso através da América do Sul!

“Estou muito feliz por termos conseguido fazer isso acontecer! Há algum tempo queríamos entrar mais no lado de influenciadores dos esports. Mal posso esperar para começar essa jornada, aprender muitas coisas novas e crescer com ainda mais experiências.” – CEO, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes


COD Mobile roster update

We got off to a flying start with our Call of Duty Mobile team and have been performing at a high level in the Brazilian scene. However, with time comes change and as COD World Championships got announced this time has come.

There will be 2 changes to our active roster for now and with that we will be parting ways with Caio Almeida “Joker” Franca as he has found a new home. And Matheus “MTS” Braga will be our 6th player for now due to age restrictions in COD World Championships.

With this we would like to welcome our two new hunters, Igor “Fal” Falcão Bezerra and Leonardo “Leozin” Vieira Leão!! They have already started playing with the rest of the squad and can be seen live in plenty of tournaments coming up over the next few weeks. With the addition of these new players we hope to take our game to the next level and be fully prepared by the time World’s comes knocking!

Give them a warm welcome to the family!

Atualização da Line de COD Mobile

Começamos bem com nossa equipe de Call of Duty Mobile e temos atuado em alto nível no cenário brasileiro. No entanto, com o tempo, vêm as mudanças e como o COD World Championships foi anunciado, essa hora chegou.

Haverá 2 mudanças no nosso time ativo por enquanto e com isso estaremos nos separando de Caio Almeida “Joker” Franca, pois ele encontrou um novo lar. E Matheus “MTS” Braga será o nosso 6º jogador por agora, devido às restrições de idade no COD World Championships.

Com isso, gostaríamos de dar as boas-vindas aos nossos dois novos caçadores, Igor “Fal” Falcão Bezerra e Leonardo “Leozin” Vieira Leão!! Eles já começaram a jogar com o resto do time e podem ser vistos ao vivo em muitos torneios que acontecerão nas próximas semanas. Com a adição desses novos jogadores, esperamos levar nosso jogo ao próximo nível e estar totalmente preparados quando o mundial chegar!

Dê-lhes as boas-vindas à família!


Elisa Invitational Champions

After a long fought week we are now the champions of the Elisa Invitational CS:GO tournament!

Everything was set for a weekend of wild action as soon as the teams were announced. With the likes of ENCE, HAVU, Nordavind and more the show was secured.

We had a bumpy start to the tournament with a opening loss to Nordavind. This was just a bump in the road tho, as we wiped HAVU out of the way and then secured our semi-final spot with a OT win against APEKS.

In the semi-finals we ran into the amazing talents of Young Ninjas and they gave us a bit of a scare by winning the first map. However the boys turned things around and closed the win out in the following 2 maps. And with that they secured their spot in the grand final and a shot at redemption aginst Nordavind.

As soon as the grand final started, it became clear that they guys were hungry! They ran into Overpass with zero fear and secured the map with a comfortable 16 – 7 score. We then moved on to Inferno where Nordavind came in with a much more scary gameplan. It was a true slugfest battle going back and forth, but in a 3rd overtime our guys closed it out!

A 2 – 0 was secured and the guys have been crowned the champions of Elisa Invitational Spring 2021!!

Duplicate with an amazing clutch moment!

“Once again the guys show what they are made of and what people can expect from them in the time to come. I have started running out of superlatives for how much i respect and admire these guys, but now i know people are starting to notice their hard work and efforts on a global scale as well.”CEO, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes

“The team’s atmosphere and performance is extremely good and constantly improving day by day. This is not even the peak of what we can show the world. Anyone of the team can step up at any moment, if someone isn’t having a good game you can be sure that someone else will be destroying the enemy. Out of 26 bo3’s we have won 25, losing one to a strong mousesports side and we are starting to gain a lot more confidence as a team.”Blagoi “Oxygen” Dimitrov


SKADE March recap

Things are moving faster than ever before in esports and our activity in SKADE is no exception to that fact. It has been a vision of mine for some time now to come up with a monthly summary of our activity and now it is finally time to get started.

The idea is to have shorter reports, but March was eventful for us so ill try to keep things a bit short and sweet. However, we love having tons of stuff going on and packed months, so it is a luxury challenge.

Fan Engagement

Firstly, fan engagement is what esports is all about and we always strive to engage in new ways. With the limited staff we have it is extra important for us to be effective in our work. We started the March madness with the launch of the official SKADE App. For us this gives our fans a new way to keep track of all our activity, matches, social media and more in one simple app. Feel free to check it out here.

This impacts the most important thing we have as a team, our social media numbers. We have had a goal of growing our numbers naturally as we want our fans to engage with us and stay active rather than having a high % of “ghost” followers like many teams have. With this in mind March yielded growth in all our socials, bringing our reach up by 15.63% compared to February!


Rainbow 6 siege has been something we have been looking at for months now and in March we could finally reveal our line-up for Ubisoft’s Nordic Championship. We now field a team of players from all over Europe and hope to make an impact in the league. Exciting times to come for sure.

We started our journey in mobile esports at the start of the year, and CoD Mobile has been a revelation for us. All of a sudden, we were part of a super active community with passionate fans, tons of activity and highly motivated players. Our squad wrapped up March with 3 tournament wins and 4 runners up finishes! I can’t wait to get more involved with this scene!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been the flagship team of our brand from day one! In March we finally had the pleasure of announcing that our roster was once again complete as we signed Georgi “SHiPZ” Grigorov. This star player fits our profile perfectly as a young, hungry and super talented player. Even tho he has experience from the highest level, this young man is still only 20 years old and with that our teams average age comes in at only 19.9 years old!

Sounds risky? Not the way we see it! We are looking to become a top tier org in the long run and we want to have players that can stay with us on this journey. And I say we’re off to a GREAT start. March has been great to us as we have already won a tournament and qualified for 2 other big ones. More importantly we are now rank #34 in the world according to HLTV and we currently hold a 15 Strong win streak!!

“This ended up being a bit of a read, but every bit of it needed to be mentioned. April has started with a blast and there’s big things to come. Want to join us on our journey in any way, shape or form? Just want to talk about esports? Don’t hesitate with reaching out to me.” – Kim-Erik Aanes, CEO SKADE.