SKADE partners with Kunnskapstrening IT to provide digital esports classes

One of the pillars of SKADE has been education and we firmly believe that for esports to reach its full potential we need to educate each other.

Together with Kunnskapstrening IT we have now launched the first fully digitalized online esports program in Norway. SKADE will provide access to mentors with first hand knowledge of all aspects of esports. Kunnskapstrening will provide mentors and guidance in all other aspects, and in sum we aim to provide a complete experience for all looking to explore their dreams in our scene.

To spice things up even more we have Stockholm University as part of the program. Part of what they offer is classes in game design and other digital aspects that can help the participants gain actual credits towards future studies.

“SKADE will be looking to use our active staff and players in the guidance and mentoring of these future talents. We have already had some success implementing this in schools, but the time has now come to have a more national perspective.” Head of esports, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes

“We in SKADE are really looking forward to getting this concept going! A fully digital program is something we have seen work in other places. With the experience we have from education, we are confident that this fully digital education system will have a positive impact. There’s a lot of youth looking for a serious esports program and we will provide it.” CEO, Morten Skaland

“It’s a funny little thing that we are the first ones to launch a fully digital class in esports here in Norway. To us it is important to give gamers a great offer no matter where they live. For a lot of gamers, that may not be part of regular educational programs or work-life, this esports program will offer a new perspective on learning and personal development. This will surely be a different type of year for any participant.” CEO Kunnskapstrening IT, Lars Utstøl


Most promising startup in Northern Norway

For the past six months we have been part of Arctic Accelerator, hosted by KUPA for startups in Northern Norway. This week the program ended with a “demo-day” and SKADE collected another W!

So, in addition to a lot of knowledge gained, connections made and a steep learning curve we can now crown ourselves the most promising startup company in Northern Norway.

Arctic Accelerator is a accelerator project for tech-startups in their early stage. With a six month program, where they provide guidance, coaching and advice. They help speed up ideas and help the companies take their opperations to the next level.

On the “demo-day” we got to test our project and ideas in a pitch contest, going up against 9 other promising startups. With our CEO Morten Skaland and trusted wingman William Edvardsen, nothing was left to coincidence. The guys came in well prepared and with the result ending up as previously stated, there’s no doubt our ideas can stand their ground.

SPAREBANK 1 Nord-Norge Artikkel