Skade X Norsk industri

We are excited to announce a new partnership!

SKADE are excited to announce a new partnership with The Federation of Norwegian Industries as they seek to increase the recruitment of young gamers and esports enthusiasts into Norwegian industrial companies. The campaign will promote different opportunities within the industrial sector for prospects in the esports scene. The one-year partnerships have an intention of seeing a long-term collaboration and will during the first year see a unique content series and a showcase of opportunities within the sector. The Federation of Norwegian Industries will become an official SKADE partner and support all national activities for the Norwegian brand.

“We experience that several companies here are desperate for more technical competence. Esports fans and enthusiasts are known for being technology literate and having specific IT expertise. Together with our new partner, we will show how this relevant competence can be transferred to industrial jobs and all the opportunities within the sector” – Morten Skaland, CEO at SKADE.

“The industrial sector is already working with virtual tools and digital simulation to test out new solutions digitally, or to remote control production and maintenance. Esports and industrial companies use the same tools to get the job done, and the gaming sector develops graphics, simulation techniques and equipment that we use in the transition to modern production. Through this collaboration, we hope to make esports enthusiasts and gamers gain an insight look on how industrial companies make use of new technology. We want to increase the awareness of the connection between gaming – technology – industry” – Kjetil Tvedt, Chief Adviser for Recruitment and Education, Norsk Industri


Ready for Arendalsuka

Arendalsuka is the largest political gathering in Norway held annually since 2012. This year, from 17-18th August, for the first time, Skade team will be attending this great event.

There is much to learn from international esports that can be incorporated into Norwegian esports.

In Norway, prominent politicians are advocating for esports and gaming as excellent tools for fighting social injustice. The attention has led to several concrete esports and gaming initiatives being funded through the national budget, in areas like education, health, and technology. This pattern can be seen across the Nordics, as several universities and high schools have branched tailored education programs for esports athletes. (source: here)

Morten Skaland, William Edvardsen and Marius Cleim

from the Norwegian esports organization SKADE, are inviting you to a panel discussion where you will learn more about the esport phenomenon and how esport will commit to social responsibility in the esport community. 

Esports will undoubtedly continue to evolve in a positive direction. So, don`t wait. Get in touch to connect and organise a meetup.


A new era in Norwegian esports

The three Norwegian esports organisations: SKADE, Jotunheimen Esports and ULTI Skins are launching a new Norwegian team within Counter-Strike. The team’s name will be SKADE X and will compete in the top division of the Telialigaen. It is unique that three different actors like this come together and form a joint team. The purpose is to promote Norwegian esports and, not least, assert itself at the top in Norway, as well as scale the project up in the long term.

SKADE has important and good experience in building teams in esports. In this collaboration, SKADE will be responsible for providing necessary sporting expertise and infrastructure, which SKADE X will benefit from from day 1. SKADE will increase its presence in the Norwegian scene and help build Norwegian esports.

“SKADE X is a new addition to our team roster, but this time with the Norwegian scene in focus. We have great faith in the team we have assembled, and not least in the wholeness that we get from the various parties in the collaboration. This is the first time that someone has come together in Norway to build a story like this, which we believe is important for the scene to be able to flourish here at home as well, says Morten Skaland, CEO at Skade”.

Ulti Skins “The three parties have different competences and skills that complement each other, which makes this team very interesting for Ulti Skins and support as a partner, says Asgeir”.

“Team Midgard owns the place in the top division in the Telialigaen, and has for a long time wanted to do something bigger, as well as leave a big footprint in Norwegian esports. The team will be based in Trondheim in terms of training facilities, and wants to make this the flagship of Central Norway, says Alex Hole.

The parties aim to build on the investment, and do not see this as a one-off project. We have brought in experienced and hungry players, who have previously competed nationally and internationally. In addition, several of the players have won the Telialiga up to several times. The goal already in the first season is to challenge the best teams in Norway, and secure a place in the play-offs, which take place from November 11-13 at SpillExpo in Lillestrøm.

The team consists of the following players:

Sander Iversen – Grus

Erik Hansen Dyrnes – truth

Eskil Bjørnsen – LaX

Jesper Kamsrud – Jimbo

Ole Kristian Rose Langan – Marcelious

Halvor Gulestøl – vENdetta (Coach)