SkadeX CS:GO team: Telialigaen journey

The first season of CS:GO Telialigaen for SkadeX wrapped up last weekend in Spillexpo. Solid performance by the squad saw us reaching the tournament’s LAN Finals stage but the Grand Final itself still eluded us.

The group stage for this season started all the way in August and this was the first real step toward becoming the best team Norway has to offer. Group stages were played one series per week. Week after week our hunters showed up with peak counter-strike action and took down the opposition. We ended up topping the group with an undefeated 9-0 run and were confidently heading to Spillexpo for the Final stage.

Unfortunately, the Finals weekend wasn’t as smooth sailing as the group stages. We were matched with the 4th seed from groups, Wizard esports in the semi-finals. The maps for the bo3 were Dust 2, Nuke, and Mirage. On paper that seemed promising with us already having defeated Wizard esports on both Dust 2 and Nuke during the group stage, but the outcome wasn’t. Dust 2 was a close loss, but Nuke ended up a bit of a disaster and we lost the series 0-2. With the loss, we end Telialigaen Fall 2022 season in 3rd/4th place. 

While the end result wasn’t what we had hoped for, the group stages still showed excellent promise for what’s to come and was a good foundation to build confidence on. We use this LAN finals as a good learning experience and bounce back stronger next season! We would also like to congratulate Apeks Rebels for taking home the Grand Finals!