In SKADE we passionately believe in developing talents on all levels and in all aspects of the esports scene. Together with well renown schools, institutions, and the private sector, we take part in the education of the next generation of esports talent. 

We provide online and physical education where we put the full force of our esports competence to work. Giving guidance and advice to those taking parts in the programs we are involved with. We believe in actively using our active assets such as players, streamers, administration and more in our mission to educate. 

Digitale Talenter e-sport:

Together with Kunnskapstrening IT we have just launched a new esports program. This is a 100% digital program where we have teamed up to discover future talents with esports as the main work tool. This program caters to all aspects of esports, and we aim to include anyone at any level that is curious about what esports has to offer. A big part of this is also the opportunity to earn credits via our third partner Stockholm University. 


  • Mentors with a professional background in esports 
  • Guidance from active professional players 
  • Hands on guidance from people who work in and with esports daily 

Feel free to join our community for questions or more information.

School Partnerships:

We work with schools all over Norway with digital and physical classes.  Want to get your school involved in the education of the future? Reach out to our team with a simple email to