Grand Finals of A1 Gaming League 2020

It’s a going to be an entertaining Sunday as two of the strongest CS:GO teams in Bulgarian Esports collide to take home A1 Gaming League 2020. The boys showcased a rampant performance on their way to the finals as they are unbeaten in the tournament so far.

The team started by playing in the Group A match against Team Random Players and defeated them by a score of 16-7. They played a BO3 Upper Bracket Final against Team BLUEJAYS Int., which they won 2-1. The Group A finale consisted of a Best of 3 format against the LB winner, BLUEJAYS Int. in which the team won 2-1. The team showed a dominant performance as they won 3-0 in a BO5 fixture semi-final fixture against Team DZVER.

Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov, Team IGL said, “I am really proud of the team, it has been a little over 6 months since we created this roster, for which we’ve played tremendously well! I eagerly look forward to our performance at the grand finals against FATE Esports.”