VALORANT Roster Update: Manneten

If you’ve been following us on our social media platforms, it’s no secret that Manneten is on a bootcamp with us. So, we’d formally like to announce that Manneten will be replacing PHYRN, as PHYRN decided to step down from the roster due to struggling to find a balance between playing fulltime and keeping his school in check.

We respect PHYRN’s decision and wish him good luck for his future endeavours and thank him for his services. Replacing PHYRN was a difficult task since he had gelled very well with the team’s style of play. So we were looking for someone who can click with our gameplay while adding his own energy and skills to it. EPZZ, LATEKS and sebbz already knew a well known Overwatch player who’s also synonymous with insane aim shots. We decided to give Manneten a chance and things ticked off well!

Here’s what the IGL and the Coach has to say on the latest signing: IGL, LATEKS: “PHYRN decided to take a break from competitive play to focus on university. Both me and EPZZ knew Manneten from our time in Overwatch and he’s an irl friend of sebbz. We gave him a shot and things clicked instantly. He’s a very calm player that brings a lot of experience and maturity to the team.”

Team coach, sebbz: “I have played with Manneten since the start of beta both with infected and YaB and I know how much of a hard worker he is, he also has a lot of experience coming from the top Overwatch scene and has always had insane aim, I’m very hyped to have Manne onboard”

Here’s our final VALORANT lineup:
Sebastian ‘sebbz’ Fredriksson – Coach
Oliwer ‘LATEKS’ Fahlander – IGL
Tim ‘Manneten’ Bylund
Linus ‘Limpone’ Wecksell
Gabriel ‘shew’ Gessle
Andreas ‘EPZZ’ Vallvingskog
#LetsHunt :bow_and_arrow:


With time comes change

For those who have been following us for some time now you may have noticed some change in the past week. As we have been batteling to find our form and get back into shape, it became clear that some changes would be needed.

It has been a long and tough process, but the team has decided to bench Ivan “rock1ng” Stratiev and Kostadin “rafftu” Turbinov.

Replacements will come in the form of Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev from FATE Esports and Blagoi “Oxygen” Yordanov Dimitrov. These young talents will bring some much needed fresh minds into the roster and a positive vibe. Duplicate is the more established one and will surely bring his experience and Oxygen has the raw aim that’s needed in todays CSGO meta.

“This has been something we have worked on for some time now and it was not an easy decision to make. With the changes we have made we feel like it is the optimal lineup to have in the Bulgarian scene right now and i cant wait to see what the future brings.”
– CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

“I feel pretty bad that our start lineup didnt work out in the end, as Rock1nG and Rafftu are great guys, but something needed to change. At the same time im extra motivated to work with the new lineup which is new as lately my motivation was not great and i believe we can achieve great things with oxygen and duplicate as they are both really interesting young and fresh talent!”
– Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov

Make sure you give our new players a warm welcome and stay tuned for the greatness that is to come!!