Announcement of Head Coach “pNshr”

Announcement of Head Coach “pNshr”

We are proud to announce that SKADE has secured the services of veteran coach Nikolay “pNshr” Pauninto as the new head coach of our CS:GO roster. Nikolay signed with SKADE after being spending a year with Copenhagen Flames. His desire to work with his native Bulgarians was a perfect match for SKADE’s Bulgarian lineup.

SKADE has improved immeasurably over the past months, and the roster’s potential to reach the top tier leagues meant that we need someone that was 100% dedicated to ensuring their success. This responsibility was something Nikolay wanted to be part of, and we quickly found common ground. He’s already been working with the team for several weeks, but he has officially signed on with SKADE ahead of our next event in Copenhagen Games.

Previous Head Coach and CEO Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes will continue on as CEO as we expand our esports efforts across several projects. Kim-Erik will continue to be involved with our Counter-Strike team, the change now gives him more opportunity to focus on growing our brand. With Aanes’ oversight, pNshr will focus on strategy and player performance in-game.

Aanes has this to say on pNshr’s addition: “Based on the improvement we have seen in this roster and our goal of reaching the top tier scene, a coach that can dedication 100% of his time to the team is what we needed. pNshr has already worked with the guys for some time, and I can say that he is what we needed as we look forward to several online tournaments and Copenhagen Games in April.”
Please welcome Nikolay to the SKADE family, and for those teams who will face our Bulgarian force in the future; good luck