SKADE CSGO Roster Update – 2021 Season

It has been a “not so well-kept secret”, but after standing in for our CSGO squad for a while now Kalin “KalubeR” Erenditsov has been made a permanent fixture!

In a move to find our rhythm in game and allow our players to play and perform at an optimal level in their preferred positions a change was needed. Thus, our youngest talent Blagoi “oxygeN” Dimitrov was benched, and trials began.

Kaluber has already left many in awe with his performances & winning multiple titles in the Tier 2 tournaments. A regular name in the Bulgarian scene, he is ready to showcase his talent and prove his mettle to the world now! Under our coach PnshR and IGL SHiPZ’s leadership combined with the help of the firepower of Duplicate, Rainwaker and KalubeR, we believe we have found a perfectly balanced team! A team that’s ruthless, risk taking and exciting to watch!

We already have achieved some high peaks in our journey so far but now it’s time we take it up a notch. While we welcome our new signing, we’d like to thank our star rifler ‘OxygeN’ for all the hard work and dedication he put in during his time at SKADE.
We wish him all the best on his new journey, we will definitely see him on the servers soon. 😊

“Not too happy we have to part ways with Oxygen because he has great skills in game but there was too big difference between the game vision of him and the rest of the team. I’m sure we will see Blagoi very soon in the active CS scene and he will show everyone what he is able to do!
KalubeR is well known young Bulgarian player, everyone in Bulgaria know about his potential and I’m very happy to have him in the team. He fit very well in our game and his point of view about the current meta and what to do in the team is almost same so its so easy to work with him.” – pNshr (Coach)

“I’m really excited to be joining SKADE. For me, it feels like a reunion because I’ve played with most of the guys in a team before, except SHiPZ and I’m glad SKADE trusted me and gave me that opportunity to play with them. I really believe we have everything to be considered as a top team in the near future and hope we can prove that.” – KalubeR

SKADE CS:GO 2021 will consist of:

Georgi “SHiPZ” Grigorov

Aleks “Rainwaker” Petrov

Denislav “Dennyslaw” Dimitrov

Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev

Kalin “KalubeR” Erenditsov

Coach: Nikolay “pNshr” Puanin

We can feel the excitement in the air and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!
Make sure to turn on the IEM: EU Closed Qualifier stream tomorrow as we will compete for the spot in the $105,000 USD main event of Intel Extreme Masters Season XVI – Fall.

Time to pop some heads!



We are going to our first World Championship!

After an incredible weekend our amazing Call of Duty Mobile squad can claim their title as Brazil’s number one team and gear up for worlds!

For the past month the guys have been bootcamping to make sure they were as ready as could be for the final stage of the qualifiers. During the camp they have shown impressive form and as the main event came close there seemed to be no stopping them.

As the qualifier started it quickly became clear for anyone watching that the guys were as hungry as they seemed. After 3 solid matches the guys won the upper bracket and with that they had already secured their spot in Worlds. The grand final brought them the only loss they had in the qualifier as they fell to the Mexican powerhouse that is Zygnus esports.

This means that we are going to the Call of Duty Mobile world championship 2021!! Where we will not only fight for the title as the best team in the world, but our share of $2.000.000!!

On top of the incredible performance the guys made tons of content and preparations for the time to come. So make sure you tune in to our social medias to stay up to date.


IronWar Champions!

We joined the war and came out victorious after a really solid run throughout the tournament!

The guys came our of their player break ready to fight and IronWar Grand Prix was the first piece of action they got. In a fairly stacked tournament the guys got a perfect startup after some relaxation.

In a solid perfomance they closed out the group stages with a 3 – 1 score after taking down teams such as INDE Irae, B8 and BEZ ZP.

When the playoffs came around the guys were already tuned in and there was little doubt what goal they had set. With a solid perfomance of 7 – 1 in maps and a crushing 3 – 0 final against AGO. The guys were victorious and could celebrate yet another tournament win!

Season 2 has already been announced and we are ready to defend the title when the time comes!


SKADE administrative update

As the evolution of SKADE continues we are now finally ready to implement our first administrative changes. The time has come to help tune people into the roles where they excel at their tasks and thrive to continue our growth.

Firstly, we have a new CEO in place as Morten Skaland steps up to the task. Morten is a hungry and driven 23-year-old hunter. He is fresh out of his bachelor studies at BI Norwegian Business school. Even though he is fresh out of school he already has two years working in the Norwegian agency for public and financial management and he is about to journey into a master’s in business administration. With this hungry hunter in the administrative seat, we will be running a tight pack and he will build structure where needed.

I am humble and motivated to take on the task to lead this organization. Skade has shown incredible growth lately, in this up and coming industry. We have a strong team, and together we are going to keep on developing and taking Skade to new heights.

– CEO, Morten Skaland

Just as importantly we have now found our new (and first) CMO in Cornelius Hjort. Cornelius is a 25-year-old hunter and comes from Oslo, Norway. Cornelius is educated within ICT and engineering at the Norwegian university of science and technology and business at BI Norwegian business school. Cornelius’ marketing experience comes from his job at Red Bull where Cornelius works with marketing, mainly towards students at Norwegian universities, but also with festivals and sporting events. One initiative Cornelius has gained experience from the esports industry is the global Valorant tournament Red Bull Campus Clutch.  

Esports was in many ways something completely new for me when we embarked on this endeavor. It was not long before I realized the enormous potential esports holds in general, and SKADE in particular. I look immensely towards getting to know all of you and together hunt for glory on the quest to make SKADE the next major house globally

– CMO, Cornelius Hjort

These two amazing additions there will also be changes for our former CEO, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes. He now goes fully into the role as founder where he will help develop the totality of SKADE as a brand. More importantly he will also take on the role as Head of esports, a role he has had as a sidenote to everything else so far. Now that he can dedicate his full attention to this role the sky is the limit for our teams. Expect to see updates from us with new ideas, new game titles and innovation on many levels.

I am super excited to finally be able to turn my focus 100% to what I have always had a goal of working with. I’ve already managed to establish a proven track record in terms of drafting teams, players and getting to where we want. Now I can focus on taking it to the next level and continue building the dream organization we set out to create when we first started.

– Founder, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes


REPUBLEAGUE Season 1 Champions!!

REPUBLEAGUE Season 1 just concluded and we grabbed the best of 5 grand final in a 3 – 0 fashion!

REPUBLEAGUE Season 1 turned out to be a rollercoaster of constant action. After winning the first European qualifier with some really close games, the guys were feeling confident for the swiss stage. However we had a unexpected start and started our run with a loss and we had to go all five rounds to secure our advancement from swiss.

In the playoffs the guys had a completely different mindset tho! With a clean run of victories and only dropping a single map in 10 maps the guys showed everyone what they are made of! Taking down Young Ninjas, Endpoint and SAW (TWICE!) it was no small feat.

This marks the biggest single tournament win to date for SKADE as a team in terms of prize money, and also a turning point for the team as they have been a bit off their groove lately. Time to charge up, relax and reset as there’s plenty more action to come!

“We had a rough period the last couple of weeks but it just felt like we were in shape when we played this tournament.Really happy overall with the team performance and we are hoping to get back to form in the upcoming weeks” – Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev

“After a though period with the team, this win is a huge confidence boost for us. We are gonna show everyone that we aren’t the next team that has a honeymoon period and then goes silent. Also thanks to anyone who supports us, it means a lot and it can really affect our days possitively!” – Blagoi “oxygeN” Dimitrov

“I am just beyond proud to see the boys take this one home! They have been in a rough place lately and trying to find your flow after the amazing run we had can be really hard. Today they had their killer focus back and they came into the server to win and nothing else mattered. I still feel their journey has barely started so people need to wake up and tune in for these guys!” – CEO, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes


SKADE Enter Rainbow Six Siege

We are proud to announce another big addition to our flock of hunters. The time has come for us to prepare a raid on the RB6 scene!

SKADE have held an interest in this exciting scene for a long time now. But timing and opportunity has always been important to us. After a lot of discussions and considerations, we are confident to announce that we’ve found the right hunters! This multi-national roster combined with our expertise can take great strides in this scene. We now have a squad we believe in and we are ready go!

In addition to a group of amazing players we have also secured a solid support staff for them. Joining the squad will be; Valerio Massimo “vvvalemax” Moretti as team manager, Simo “Mesiveloni” Anderson as strategic coach and Harrison “Manny” Croad as analyst.

We got our hands on this Nordic Championship spot some time ago, and i’m glad the cat is finally out of the bag. RB6 fits our profile as we aim to bring our followers as much FPS action as we possibly can. This is a strong squad and with solid backing i think they can go all the way.” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

I’m super happy to finally announce this move! To be working with such a big org in such a big league is fantastic, and I genuinely can’t wait to get started. I am thrilled for our first game against Chaos in the Nordic Championship! See you in the server, hunters!” – Analyst, Harrison “Manny” Croad

I’m excited to finally announce this roster and show everyone what we have been prepping for months for this Nordic championship season. SKADE so far has been amazing and is giving us all the support we need. We are extremely happy to represent SKADE in all official tournaments going forward. LETS HUNT!” – IGL, Lior “Liyero” Gotgarts

The team will compete for the first time in the Nordic Championship 2021 which starts on the 24th of March 2021!

Here’s the official SKADE Rainbow Six Siege Roster

Lio ‘Liyero’ Garts (IGL)

Jošt ‘Drater’ Celar

Riccardo ‘RaiDeN’ Antoni

Jakub ‘Royal‘ Engel

Yanis ‘Hirox’ Boehrer

Temos o orgulho de anunciar mais uma grande adição a nossa equipe de caçadores. Chegou a hora de prepararmos uma invasão no cenário de R6!

A SKADE tem se interessado por esse cenário emocionante há muito tempo. Mas o momento e a oportunidade certa sempre foram importantes para nós. Depois de muitas discussões e considerações, temos a certeza de anunciar que encontramos os caçadores certos! Está line multinacional combinada com nossa experiência pode dar grandes passos neste cenário. Agora temos uma equipe em que acreditamos e estamos prontos para começar!

Além de um grupo de jogadores incríveis, também garantimos uma equipe de suporte sólida para eles. Quem também irá se juntar ao time será: Valerio Massimo Moretti como manager da equipe, Simo Anderson como coach estratégico e Harrison Croad como analista.

Colocamos as mãos nessa vaga do Nordic Championship há algum tempo e estou feliz que tudo finalmente veio à tona. R6 se encaixa em nosso perfil, pois pretendemos trazer aos nossos seguidores o máximo de ação FPS possível. Uma equipe forte e com um apoio sólido, acho que eles podem ir longe. ” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

Estou muito feliz por finalmente anunciar esta mudança! Trabalhar com uma organização tão grande em uma liga tão grande é fantástico e eu realmente mal posso esperar para começar. Estou emocionado por nosso primeiro jogo contra a Chaos no Nordic Championship! Nos vemos no servidor, caçadores! ” – Analista, Harrison “Manny” Croad

Estou animado para finalmente anunciar esta line e mostrar a todos o que estamos preparando a meses para essa temporada do Nordic Championship. A SKADE vem sendo incrível até agora e está nos dando todo o suporte de que precisamos. Estamos extremamente felizes em representar a SKADE em todos os torneios oficiais daqui para frente. LETS HUNT! ” – IGL, Lior “Liyero” Gotgarts

A equipe vai competir pela primeira vez no Nordic Championship 2021 que começa no dia 24 de março de 2021!

Aqui está a line oficial da SKADE Rainbow Six Siege

Lio ‘Liyero’ Garts (IGL)

Jošt ‘Drater’ Celar

Riccardo ‘RaiDeN’ Antoni

Jakub ‘Royal‘ Engel

Yanis ‘Hirox’ Boehrer

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The Hunters Are Once Again Complete

We are happy to announce that the CS:GO squad is officially back to a full five man roster. After a longer period of trials, we have finally signed with Georgi “SHiPZ” Grigorov, and with that we have also extended the contracts of all our players.

With this you can all rest assured there will be tons of good times, moments of glory and matches filled to the brim with action and passion! We will continue to grind things out in the Snow Sweet Snow series while we try to qualify for everything that is available.

With the addition of SHiPZ we hope that his experience from the highest level of CS:GO will help take our talented young squad to the next level. It may sound strange as we were already the youngest squad overall in the main stages of Snow Sweet Snow #2 swiss, but this 20-year-old has tons of experience already.

“I am super happy that we were able to find a deal that both sides were happy with and we can finally announce SHiPZ as an official squad member. I am also super thrilled to have the rest of the squad renew their contracts with us. It has been a great ride so far and the time to come holds great things for these young guys.” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

“I’m very excited to join SKADE and my motivation is at a high. I know all these players already and I know how good they are. I really believe we have everything we need to become a top team and we have set a goal of becoming a top #30 team in the next 6 months.” – Georgi “SHiPZ” Grigorov

The guys now have their eyes set on a goal and they are locked and loaded! Make sure you join their journey towards the top by following them and SKADE on all social media platforms so that you don’t miss a beat.

Alex “Rainwaker” Petrov
Denislav “dennyslaw” Dimitrov
Blagoi “Oxygen” Dimitrov
Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev
Georgi “SHiPZ” Grigorov

Give a warm welcome to our latest hunter!


2020 with SKADE CS:GO

The hardest working and yet the most unfortunate team of 2020 in European CS:GO?

What a year this has been! Hard work, success, adversity and a stellar display of mental strength! 2020 has not been easy on anyone, but what a roller coaster ride it has been for our young squad.

After ending 2019 on a high with a breakthrough into the top 50 of the EU rankings; winning a couple of tournaments and impressing the scene despite just a few months of work. We got a rough start to the year as we learned that our biggest tournament win of 2019 was a straight up scam. Along with other teams we never got paid for our hard work and amazing run. In response to this our players showed us how mentally strong they were. Even when faced with the loss of a rather big amount of cash for them they decided to conquer new heights.

As early as February, we decided it was time to take things up a notch and brought in coach Nikolay “pNshr” Paunin! The decision start paying off immediately as our team took a spot in the top 2 of the European qualifiers for Flashpoint (Season 1)! The guys were flying high and ready to take their skills across the pond to fight for the highly coveted franchise spot. Only one thing was left to do, on a really short notice we had to get the visas to travel and compete in Los Angeles, USA. We teamed up with Flashpoint and FACEIT to make it happen and in what felt like a record time the paperwork got done, meetings were booked and all seemed ready. However, misfortune struck again as the US consulate worker misinterpreted one of the laws and declined our application. It turned out our boys had done everything correctly, but there simply was not enough time to get a new case worker and apply again. We had to pass on an opportunity of a lifetime due to a human error.

As early as February, we decided it was time to take things up a notch and brought in coach Nikolay “pNshr” Paunin! The decision start paying off immediately as our team took a spot in the top 2 of the European qualifiers for Flashpoint (Season 1)! The guys were flying high and ready to take their skills across the pond to fight for the highly coveted franchise spot. Only one thing was left to do, on a really short notice we had to get the visas to travel and compete in Los Angeles, USA. We teamed up with Flashpoint and FACEIT to make it happen and in what felt like a record time the paperwork got done, meetings were booked and all seemed ready. However, misfortune struck again as the US consulate worker misinterpreted one of the laws and declined our application. It turned out our boys had done everything correctly, but there simply was not enough time to get a new case worker and apply again. We had to pass on an opportunity of a lifetime due to a human error.

Once again, we were on a roll. Climbing ranks and things were looking good. However, over the next couple of months something felt off. Within the team, progress was not up to their own expectations and we ran into a bad streak of matches just barely saving our spot in MDL while dropping out early in a couple of tournaments. It was time for a change and new input. In June, we parted ways with Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev and Kostadin “rafftu” Turbinov and in came Blagoi “Oxygen” Dimitrov and Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev and a much-needed summer break was planned.

As the summer break came to an end the guys came out all guns blazing and had their eyes set on getting back to the record ranks, we had before the summer. They had deep run-ins at almost all the big qualifiers, crushed their way in MDL and showed solid performances in online tournaments. Once again, we were climbing fast, kicking ass and taking names. With a rank of #40 in the world and #20 in EU the boys were on fire! But then shit hits the fan, again! ESIC announces their first findings in the “coach bug abuse case” and together with our coach Nikolay “pNshr” Paunin we had already reported this bug in one of our matches. His case was a minor one as he simply had not seen, nor heard about the bug before and didn’t know what to do when it happened. The match it self had little to no impact as we still lost it, but ESIC handed our coach a 3 month ban and we accepted it.

This could have been the end of that story, but ESL decided to show that they were also serious about the ESIC report. They did however look for the lowest impact action while still showing their “strength” and as a result SKADE got hit hard. As the ONLY team we got punished with a ban from MDL as we “won our spot” in the previous season and they seized all winnings from teams who had been involved with the mentioned coaches.

Once again, the players of SKADE were faced with unreal disappointment and could almost not believe how much misfortune could hit them. This time around, things felt dark and as a manager I was worried for my players’ wellbeing. But once more they AMAZED me as they dug down again, brought their focus back and REFUSED to give in! They signed up for everything available and then some and put up a grind that was unmatched in the EU scene. SKADE ended the year with 363 official HLTV matches, more than anyone else in EU!

The guys closed out the year with a wild run that no one thought possible with all that had happened. Starting with a 2nd place finish at Bellum Gens Elite – Stara Zagora, they took back-to-back-to-back tournament wins!! Banking in cyberPRO Series #2, OGA Counter PIT Season 6 AND ESEA Cash Cup – Europe. I think it is safe to say that most people who have followed the team were shook and amazed.

Working with these guys have certainly been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from frustration to the purest forms of joy! In just one year we have experienced more action and fun then most teams get in years. As we have now started a new year with new challenges and dreams, we hope to see more good fortune for the boys. 2021 will be a HUGE year for SKADE and I am sure it will be just as much of a joyride as 2020 was. I want to give praise to our players and staff for enduring what we have been through so far and I can’t wait to continue this ride.

A special thanks goes out to the fantastic players I have had the joy of working with over the past year. They have shown what it means to get back up after getting knocked down. Thank you!!

Denislav “dennyslaw” Dimitrov

Alex “Rainwaker” Petrov

Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev

Blagoi “Oxygen” Dimitrov

Nikolay “pNshr” Paunin

Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov

Kostadin “rafftu” Turbinov

Ivan “Rock1nG” Stratiev

  • Kim-Erik Aanes, CEO SKADE


Thank you, Spellan!

Today marks a day of change for SKADE’s CS:GO roster.  We have had a fantastic journey with our lineup so far and Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov has been a big part of it.

In a scene where changes are part of the game to keep everyone sharp. The turn has now come to our captain. He has been a part of reaching top 30 EU twice in this team and won several tournaments. So with a heavy heart we now part ways.

The time has come for SKADE to make new moves towards our goals. And as we part ways with SPELLAN, a new captain will shape up in the form of Alex “Rainwaker” Petrov. It will be one heck of a challenge for our young superstar, but the one he craves for.

“Working with Teodor has been a great experience from day one. He came into a team that really needed a leader, and he stepped up to the plate. We have had ups and downs together, but he has shown that he can always bounce back. This feature is why I feel confident that he will find a new home fast and reach his goals.” – Kim-Erik Aanes, CEO.

We wish SPELLAN all the best in his future endevours. And we will surely face him at the highest level soon!
LetsHunt 🏹


Soltinn Veidimadr, PUBG

We’re always on a lookout for a challenge across various disciplines that are not in our current pool. After a lot of constant evaluation, we found a group of players that are capable enough to go head-to-head against some of the best teams in the world! Please welcome our latest PUBG PC Roster! You’ll see them wearing our colours in the upcoming DreamHack Winter Showdown Main Event – Europe.

Coach Saul ‘SauKKi’ Klemola had this to say about joining us:

“Joining SKADE means us the beginning of a new chapter. We can forget the worries we have had and focus more on the most important thing, gaming. SKADE is everything we have been looking for for so long. They share the same values as us and everything feels like home. We look most forward to the next LAN event we compete in. Feeling the atmosphere of the arena, meeting the staff of SKADE and of course raising the trophy!”

Here is what our CEO Kim-Erik ‘Zarotan’ Aanes had to say about the move:
“We have been trying to find a way into the PUBG scene for some time now and when this opportunity presented itself we did not hesitate for a second. The game has a loyal following and spectator numbers are growing, so this is another title where we can think long term. Another big stepping stone for us as a brand!“

Here’s the final PUBG PC Roster:

IGL Joona Närvänen aka NOOKIE

Miska Malkamäki aka Mise

Anttoni Helminen aka Sikora

Tuomas Mustaparta aka Anonymous

Coach: Saul Klemola aka SauKKi