SKADE partners with Kunnskapstrening IT to provide digital esports classes

One of the pillars of SKADE has been education and we firmly believe that for esports to reach its full potential we need to educate each other.

Together with Kunnskapstrening IT we have now launched the first fully digitalized online esports program in Norway. SKADE will provide access to mentors with first hand knowledge of all aspects of esports. Kunnskapstrening will provide mentors and guidance in all other aspects, and in sum we aim to provide a complete experience for all looking to explore their dreams in our scene.

To spice things up even more we have Stockholm University as part of the program. Part of what they offer is classes in game design and other digital aspects that can help the participants gain actual credits towards future studies.

“SKADE will be looking to use our active staff and players in the guidance and mentoring of these future talents. We have already had some success implementing this in schools, but the time has now come to have a more national perspective.” Head of esports, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes

“We in SKADE are really looking forward to getting this concept going! A fully digital program is something we have seen work in other places. With the experience we have from education, we are confident that this fully digital education system will have a positive impact. There’s a lot of youth looking for a serious esports program and we will provide it.” CEO, Morten Skaland

“It’s a funny little thing that we are the first ones to launch a fully digital class in esports here in Norway. To us it is important to give gamers a great offer no matter where they live. For a lot of gamers, that may not be part of regular educational programs or work-life, this esports program will offer a new perspective on learning and personal development. This will surely be a different type of year for any participant.” CEO Kunnskapstrening IT, Lars Utstøl


Most promising startup in Northern Norway

For the past six months we have been part of Arctic Accelerator, hosted by KUPA for startups in Northern Norway. This week the program ended with a “demo-day” and SKADE collected another W!

So, in addition to a lot of knowledge gained, connections made and a steep learning curve we can now crown ourselves the most promising startup company in Northern Norway.

Arctic Accelerator is a accelerator project for tech-startups in their early stage. With a six month program, where they provide guidance, coaching and advice. They help speed up ideas and help the companies take their opperations to the next level.

On the “demo-day” we got to test our project and ideas in a pitch contest, going up against 9 other promising startups. With our CEO Morten Skaland and trusted wingman William Edvardsen, nothing was left to coincidence. The guys came in well prepared and with the result ending up as previously stated, there’s no doubt our ideas can stand their ground.

SPAREBANK 1 Nord-Norge Artikkel


SKADE X Seafood from Norway

We are excited to announce a new partnership!

SKADE are thrilled to announce a joint marketing campaign with Kvarøy Arctic and the Norwegian Seafood Council as they seek to increase the exposure of Norwegian salmon towards “hard-to-reach” consumer segments in the gaming and esports scene. The campaign will promote the marketing activities for Kvarøy Arctic in the esports space and Norwegian seafood products in general through the “Seafood from Norway” trademark. SKADE will give the “Seafood from Norway” trademark an authentic entry to the esports sphere and continue promoting the finest salmon in the world, from the Norwegian arctic coast with Kvarøy in front.

Having Kvarøy Arctic and the Norwegian Seafood Council on board with us in our esports journey is an amazing milestone for us. This move shows that non-endemic companies such as our partners from the Seafood industry can find value in access and exposure towards gamers and esports fans.” – Morten Skaland, CEO at SKADE.

“Our brand-new partnership with the Norwegian Seafood Council manifests the relevance of esports as a major marketing channel for all industries, not just endemic ones. We are grateful for the opportunity of working with such a respected Norwegian institution and we’re looking forward to our journey together, which we truly believe will be highly beneficial for all parties involved”Cornelius Hjort, CMO at SKADE

“We are very happy to have this opportunity to cooperate with Kvarøy Arctic and SKADE to promote Norwegian seafood under the “Seafood from Norway” brand to “hard-to-reach” consumers, by providing co-financing through our Joint Marketing Program.” – Jan Aleksander Enoksen, Joint Marketing Manager at the Norwegian Seafood Council


Another squad joins the hunting party!

As we keep on evolving and expanding our hunting grounds, we are now getting back to the pastures of Valorant! This time, while they might not be a known all-star team filled with known names, we are happy to introduce a new up and coming Norwegian Valorant line-up!  

Young and talented players with a strong potential who we are eager to guide towards their goals of big prey! The initial hunt for will be the title of best of Norway, but who knows, this squad’s trophy wall might contain much more. Only time can tell what we can achieve in the ever growing and exciting world of Valorant Esports!  

One thing’s for certain, our new hunters are confident and ready to prove they have what it takes to hit the big leagues! 

“I am very excited for this opportunity to develop under an organization like SKADE. I think we have great individuals and that we can do well with the right backing. Our short-term goal is to become the best team in Norway.”Harald SeozurPSKarlsen 

“I think this is a huge opporunity for all of us. I think i speak for everyone when i say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get into esports, lets just hope we can deliver when it matters.”  – Andreas HennyHennum 

“It is with great pleasure we can announce our return to Valorant. We had a short stay last time, but with these talents I am confident we can work towads long term goals. It’s also great fun to finally be able to have a full Norwegian stack in the org again, as it is “home turf”, even with our international branding.” Kim-ErikZarotanAanes

The first bit of action from these guys will be as early as this coming saturday and we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on their progress in our social medias.

Say hello to SKADE Valorant!

Harald “SeozurPS” Karlsen

Andreas “Henny” Hennum

Even “Erty” Johan Måøy

Joakim “Jokkarn” Steffensen

Marius “discoronny” Blåsberg


Pinnacle Cup III Champions!!

In what has already been an amazing month for our CSGO squad, things just got even better!

With a clean sweep in the playoffs where we didn’t drop a single map we secured another trophy for the wall! And with a top heavy prize pool we also secure $80.000!!

The start of the tournament was a bit shaky as the guys came into it playing KOVA after a long time without breaks. However, they got a bit of rest and shaped back up just in time. From that point on the guys never looked back, shook off the first loss and never dropped another series.

Getting out of swiss stages with a solid 3 – 1 record, we came into the playoffs with a lot of confidence. In the playoffs the guys made short work of MOUZ NXT, Vitality (!!!) and Tricked esports, before making short work of Copenhagen Flames in the grand final.

2022 is shaping up to be a incredible year for SKADE and the CSGO squad is leading the charge! Make sure you stay tuned with all this crazyness in our social medias.




Champions once more!

We conclude the last of the 4 Elisa invitational events from 2021 with a 2-0 dominant final win over HEET. That makes it 3 out of 4 final appearances in Elisa invitational, with 2 championships to boot!

Skade were blessed with a direct high seed invite for the tournament, starting directly deep in the playoff stages. From there we went on to 2-0 Eternal fire (#33 in the world) in confident manner. 2-0 Copenhagen Flames (#17 in the world) in an absolute slugfest of a series.

In the grand final we beat HEET (#21 in the world) 2-0, by dominating our own map pick in overpass, then throwing a wrench in to HEETs gameplan in dust2 with some big clutch rounds, especially by dream3r in the grand finals. This performance feels especially strong based on the recent form of HEET having won their RMR qualifier bracket less than a week ago.

With this win the boys from Skade CS line-up have really opened up the season with a bang, both winning the Bulgarian A1 Gaming league and now with the Elisa Invitational Winter 2021 win, the hunt is on for more and the dream of a major appearance is closer than ever! #LetsHunt


Hello PUBG, we are back!

As we waited for the migration patterns of our prey to set, we spent our time scouting the best possible hunters for the mission! And here they are!

We are proud to present our newest addition to join the hunting party of Skade. The players formerly known as team Mercurial, JordIbizaVan Geldere, JereJembtyKauppinen, MiloslavPiXeL1KFeik, MatějNowikkKrmela and their coach JustinFeyeeVersnel will now officially play under the banner of Skade.  

These players are all well versed in the PUBG: Battlegrounds, most having for years competed with the best of the best around the world. Now with us in Skade they are looking to prove they are still on top of their game and are ready to take on anyone, and we are excited to join them on this endeavour to reach the pinnacle of PUBG PC.  

“I am excited to join SKADE. I think that we have one of the best team in Europe and can’t wait to represent SKADE in this upcoming season. #Letshunt”JereJembtyKauppinen 

“We have been away from the PUBG scene for 3 months, but we were always determined to get back in the scene. When this lineup was presented as an opportunity, there was never any doubt in our minds. Cant wait to get started with our journey with these guys.”Kim-ErikZarotanAanes, Head of esports

Jere “ Jembty” Kauppinen (IGL) 

Jord “ Ibiza” Van Geldere 

Miloslav “ PiXeL1K” Feik 

Matěj “ Nowikk” Krmela 

Justin “ Feyee” Versnel (Coach) 


A1 Gaming League champions!

After a wild tournament that really showcased the incredible skill if the Bulgarian CSGO community, we are now officially the strongest lineup in Bulgaria!

It has been proven time and again that no Bulgarian CSGO squad can ever be underestimated and this tournament really showcased it.

We have said for years now that there’s incredible fragging power in the scene. So when going into this tournament we knew that every single match would be a brutal battle.

In the group stages we opened things up with a clean 2 – 0 win, but Endangered took us by surprise and we had to play a 3rd decisive match after a 0 – 2 loss. In the 3rd game Stoichkov Peek was waiting, and lead by former SKADE captain SPELLAN we had to go all 3 maps to close it out 2 – 1. With that win we secured our spot in the playoffs and shot at the title.

In the double elimination playoffs, we really did not get the start we had hoped for and ran into a 0 – 2 defeat against FATE esports in the first match. However, with double elimination we were still in the run with the lower bracket series. With a solid lower bracket run of 2 – 0, 2 – 1 and 2 – 0, we fought our way back and got to the grand final.

As we entered the grand final we once again came up against FATE esports and they had 1 map advantage. Just to make things even more exciting we started the series by dropping the first map. However, the guys turned their focus around and in a grueling battle fought their way back, turning 0 – 2 into a 3 – 2 victory!!

With that secured we can now officially name our boys the best CSGO squad in Bulgaria! As a added bonus from winning the guys secured a shot at the BLAST qualifiers later this year.



In our endeavours to hunt the biggest prey out there we are now looking to add more talent to our growing tribe. If you have one or more of the skills we are looking for below, combined with a passion for people and esports you might be the one!

Head of social media

Are you able to understand the rules of the hunting ground like no other? Can you engage with our pack in a unique and engaging way? We are looking for someone to manage our social media with a steady hand and a solid plan.

  • Comfortable with communicating in English written and verbally.
  • Engage with our fans, staff and players for content.
  • Structured and reliable
  • Passionate about esports

Content creator

Would you enjoy telling the tales of the great hunt to the rest of the world on your own terms? What we do is entertainment and to keep everyone in the loop we need to share our adventures. Do you have experience in the field, OR a passion combined with unique skill that means we should give you a shot? Let us know.

  • Content creation for our social media (video or graphics)
  • Structured and reliable
  • Available and willing to travel
  • An eye for details and moments
  • Comfortable with communicating in English written and verbally.
  • Passionate about esports

Community manager

Are you passionate about people and taking care of fellow esports enthusiasts? We have a fast-growing community of fans that are hungry for more. What we need is someone who understands their needs, knows how to feed them with content, ideas and engage with them in creative ways.

  • Creative and passionate about human engagement
  • Comfortable with communicating in English written and verbally.
  • Structured and reliable
  • Passionate about esports

These are paid possitions and most of them can be done mostly online, but there are certain tasks where some travel can be expected. Such as joining our squads in their hunts for glory at live events.

Want to take part join us in building our legacy while mastering your craft? Reach out to us with a showcase or description of your many talents and past experience over at #LetsHunt


First CSGO bootcamp of the year complete!

With a newly composed lineup it was key for us to start building on what we know we have. The first step was a bootcamp to get familiar with each other and setting a roadmap for the squad.

After close to two years of covid restrictions making it more than just a bit tricky to do bootcamps, it was finally time. In late January the CSGO squad and our head of esports packed up their hunting gear. Headed to Warsaw, and the Kinguin esports performance center to begin creating their master plan.

Even though most of our activity is digital, one must never underestimate the effect of human contact. This was the main reasoning for doing a bootcamp early on in the run of this squad. Learning to know your teammates, understanding them and watching their body language as well as listening. Key information for understanding your allies in an online situation.

In terms of what happens in-game we had a tight schedule for the entire bootcamp with a solid mix of scrims and official matches. When this team was launched the expectations from the community was immense, but no more so than the expectations of the players themselves.

We had some great scrims with a lot of new plays to put into effect. With all of our players switching up their roles, there’s also some growth pains. This resulted in results that the players were not happy with at all in our officials. However, being together is also a much better arena to talk these things out and make sure everyone sets their focus on what is to come.

The team is confident in their abilities and there is no doubt that the goals set will be attainable in the time span set. With confidence comes great results, and we are hunting for the biggest prey of them all!

“When working with people you have directly in front of you the effect of what i do is much faster than online. To do what i do i need a connection with the players and reading body language is a big part of it. Especially where there is an added barrier of language. It was great getting to know the guys and i am now more confident than ever before about this project” – Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes, Head of esports

“I am happy to meet all of the players and Zarotan . It was important to get to know each other. I am feeling confident to say that in long term with this lineup we can fight next to the top10 teams. There is a lot of work to get to this level, because all of us except dennyslaw is changing role, so it will take time. However, the mentality and hunger for success in the boys is strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team will grow faster than my expectations.” – Kamen bubbleKostadinov, IGL