Hello PUBG, we are back!

As we waited for the migration patterns of our prey to set, we spent our time scouting the best possible hunters for the mission! And here they are!

We are proud to present our newest addition to join the hunting party of Skade. The players formerly known as team Mercurial, JordIbizaVan Geldere, JereJembtyKauppinen, MiloslavPiXeL1KFeik, MatějNowikkKrmela and their coach JustinFeyeeVersnel will now officially play under the banner of Skade.  

These players are all well versed in the PUBG: Battlegrounds, most having for years competed with the best of the best around the world. Now with us in Skade they are looking to prove they are still on top of their game and are ready to take on anyone, and we are excited to join them on this endeavour to reach the pinnacle of PUBG PC.  

“I am excited to join SKADE. I think that we have one of the best team in Europe and can’t wait to represent SKADE in this upcoming season. #Letshunt”JereJembtyKauppinen 

“We have been away from the PUBG scene for 3 months, but we were always determined to get back in the scene. When this lineup was presented as an opportunity, there was never any doubt in our minds. Cant wait to get started with our journey with these guys.”Kim-ErikZarotanAanes, Head of esports

Jere “ Jembty” Kauppinen (IGL) 

Jord “ Ibiza” Van Geldere 

Miloslav “ PiXeL1K” Feik 

Matěj “ Nowikk” Krmela 

Justin “ Feyee” Versnel (Coach)