Another fraud tournament

Some months ago, we were crowned Iron War Grand Prix 2021 champions. Sadly, in the time after it has been made clear to us that this is another fraud tournament.

Just days after the tournament concluded we started suspecting something was up. Some admins started ignoring teams, others changed their discord names and some even just left their own tournament discord. However, we were still in communication with the “owners” and had hopes that things would get sorted out.

Sadly, while this process was running the same people managed to host another tournament and trick even more teams. Doing this results in teams missing out on other and more serious tournaments, players getting drained and fans getting decieved.

The unfortunate reality is that this to us, is just one more tournament in a growing list. Where we are a club and our players are taken advantage of by shady people willing to do anything to get their cut of this industry that we love so much. And while taking their cut (because they do have sponsors and partners that pay them), they are hurting our beloved industry badly. They are hurting the players, the teams and the fans… but most of all the sponsors and partners they work with might never invest in esports again.

We are no longer willing to keep quiet about this and starting today we will make sure to out and expose every TO that does this.

IronWar Grand Prix


IronWar Champions!

We joined the war and came out victorious after a really solid run throughout the tournament!

The guys came our of their player break ready to fight and IronWar Grand Prix was the first piece of action they got. In a fairly stacked tournament the guys got a perfect startup after some relaxation.

In a solid perfomance they closed out the group stages with a 3 – 1 score after taking down teams such as INDE Irae, B8 and BEZ ZP.

When the playoffs came around the guys were already tuned in and there was little doubt what goal they had set. With a solid perfomance of 7 – 1 in maps and a crushing 3 – 0 final against AGO. The guys were victorious and could celebrate yet another tournament win!

Season 2 has already been announced and we are ready to defend the title when the time comes!