Player Announcement

We are happy to announce the new addition to our CS:GO Female AKA SKADIES roster, Eda “FLUTURA” Mutu!

“I am known as Flutura, I am 21 years old and have been playing CS since 1.6 where I saw my brother play the game. I was 8 years old then and been addicted to the game ever since. I have played 1.6, zero, source and now Im playing go. I have been playing on different teams since 2015 and have qualified for different tournaments such as Dreamhack and WESG. Due to my teammates having visa issues, we werent able to play on lan tho. I am known as having a strong aim and I have always played as an entryfragger in every team I have played in. I became a professional CSGO player in 2018 when I joined ACES esport. I also started streaming around 2 years ago and have been streaming it part time ever since, due to school and a pro team I couldnt stream as much as I wanted to it was on and off constantly, but ever since I finished high school I have been streaming more consistent. I love the community I have created with my viewers and I couldnt be more grateful, they are the most understanding people when it comes down to stuff, specially mental health and I appericiate them more than words can describe. They make streaming way more fun and they always know how to make me smile. I also have a part time job at an interior store next to having a pro team and streaming. I hope with this new team, I am able to give some firepower and be able to win tournaments. Not only that but I also hope I will bring a lot of laughter and good memories with the girls. I cant wait to get started with the grind again.”

Welcome to SKADE Flutura!