Another squad joins the hunting party!

As we keep on evolving and expanding our hunting grounds, we are now getting back to the pastures of Valorant! This time, while they might not be a known all-star team filled with known names, we are happy to introduce a new up and coming Norwegian Valorant line-up!  

Young and talented players with a strong potential who we are eager to guide towards their goals of big prey! The initial hunt for will be the title of best of Norway, but who knows, this squad’s trophy wall might contain much more. Only time can tell what we can achieve in the ever growing and exciting world of Valorant Esports!  

One thing’s for certain, our new hunters are confident and ready to prove they have what it takes to hit the big leagues! 

“I am very excited for this opportunity to develop under an organization like SKADE. I think we have great individuals and that we can do well with the right backing. Our short-term goal is to become the best team in Norway.”Harald SeozurPSKarlsen 

“I think this is a huge opporunity for all of us. I think i speak for everyone when i say this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get into esports, lets just hope we can deliver when it matters.”  – Andreas HennyHennum 

“It is with great pleasure we can announce our return to Valorant. We had a short stay last time, but with these talents I am confident we can work towads long term goals. It’s also great fun to finally be able to have a full Norwegian stack in the org again, as it is “home turf”, even with our international branding.” Kim-ErikZarotanAanes

The first bit of action from these guys will be as early as this coming saturday and we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on their progress in our social medias.

Say hello to SKADE Valorant!

Harald “SeozurPS” Karlsen

Andreas “Henny” Hennum

Even “Erty” Johan Måøy

Joakim “Jokkarn” Steffensen

Marius “discoronny” Blåsberg


Hello PUBG, we are back!

As we waited for the migration patterns of our prey to set, we spent our time scouting the best possible hunters for the mission! And here they are!

We are proud to present our newest addition to join the hunting party of Skade. The players formerly known as team Mercurial, JordIbizaVan Geldere, JereJembtyKauppinen, MiloslavPiXeL1KFeik, MatějNowikkKrmela and their coach JustinFeyeeVersnel will now officially play under the banner of Skade.  

These players are all well versed in the PUBG: Battlegrounds, most having for years competed with the best of the best around the world. Now with us in Skade they are looking to prove they are still on top of their game and are ready to take on anyone, and we are excited to join them on this endeavour to reach the pinnacle of PUBG PC.  

“I am excited to join SKADE. I think that we have one of the best team in Europe and can’t wait to represent SKADE in this upcoming season. #Letshunt”JereJembtyKauppinen 

“We have been away from the PUBG scene for 3 months, but we were always determined to get back in the scene. When this lineup was presented as an opportunity, there was never any doubt in our minds. Cant wait to get started with our journey with these guys.”Kim-ErikZarotanAanes, Head of esports

Jere “ Jembty” Kauppinen (IGL) 

Jord “ Ibiza” Van Geldere 

Miloslav “ PiXeL1K” Feik 

Matěj “ Nowikk” Krmela 

Justin “ Feyee” Versnel (Coach) 


SKADE Enter Rainbow Six Siege

We are proud to announce another big addition to our flock of hunters. The time has come for us to prepare a raid on the RB6 scene!

SKADE have held an interest in this exciting scene for a long time now. But timing and opportunity has always been important to us. After a lot of discussions and considerations, we are confident to announce that we’ve found the right hunters! This multi-national roster combined with our expertise can take great strides in this scene. We now have a squad we believe in and we are ready go!

In addition to a group of amazing players we have also secured a solid support staff for them. Joining the squad will be; Valerio Massimo “vvvalemax” Moretti as team manager, Simo “Mesiveloni” Anderson as strategic coach and Harrison “Manny” Croad as analyst.

We got our hands on this Nordic Championship spot some time ago, and i’m glad the cat is finally out of the bag. RB6 fits our profile as we aim to bring our followers as much FPS action as we possibly can. This is a strong squad and with solid backing i think they can go all the way.” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

I’m super happy to finally announce this move! To be working with such a big org in such a big league is fantastic, and I genuinely can’t wait to get started. I am thrilled for our first game against Chaos in the Nordic Championship! See you in the server, hunters!” – Analyst, Harrison “Manny” Croad

I’m excited to finally announce this roster and show everyone what we have been prepping for months for this Nordic championship season. SKADE so far has been amazing and is giving us all the support we need. We are extremely happy to represent SKADE in all official tournaments going forward. LETS HUNT!” – IGL, Lior “Liyero” Gotgarts

The team will compete for the first time in the Nordic Championship 2021 which starts on the 24th of March 2021!

Here’s the official SKADE Rainbow Six Siege Roster

Lio ‘Liyero’ Garts (IGL)

Jošt ‘Drater’ Celar

Riccardo ‘RaiDeN’ Antoni

Jakub ‘Royal‘ Engel

Yanis ‘Hirox’ Boehrer

Temos o orgulho de anunciar mais uma grande adição a nossa equipe de caçadores. Chegou a hora de prepararmos uma invasão no cenário de R6!

A SKADE tem se interessado por esse cenário emocionante há muito tempo. Mas o momento e a oportunidade certa sempre foram importantes para nós. Depois de muitas discussões e considerações, temos a certeza de anunciar que encontramos os caçadores certos! Está line multinacional combinada com nossa experiência pode dar grandes passos neste cenário. Agora temos uma equipe em que acreditamos e estamos prontos para começar!

Além de um grupo de jogadores incríveis, também garantimos uma equipe de suporte sólida para eles. Quem também irá se juntar ao time será: Valerio Massimo Moretti como manager da equipe, Simo Anderson como coach estratégico e Harrison Croad como analista.

Colocamos as mãos nessa vaga do Nordic Championship há algum tempo e estou feliz que tudo finalmente veio à tona. R6 se encaixa em nosso perfil, pois pretendemos trazer aos nossos seguidores o máximo de ação FPS possível. Uma equipe forte e com um apoio sólido, acho que eles podem ir longe. ” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes

Estou muito feliz por finalmente anunciar esta mudança! Trabalhar com uma organização tão grande em uma liga tão grande é fantástico e eu realmente mal posso esperar para começar. Estou emocionado por nosso primeiro jogo contra a Chaos no Nordic Championship! Nos vemos no servidor, caçadores! ” – Analista, Harrison “Manny” Croad

Estou animado para finalmente anunciar esta line e mostrar a todos o que estamos preparando a meses para essa temporada do Nordic Championship. A SKADE vem sendo incrível até agora e está nos dando todo o suporte de que precisamos. Estamos extremamente felizes em representar a SKADE em todos os torneios oficiais daqui para frente. LETS HUNT! ” – IGL, Lior “Liyero” Gotgarts

A equipe vai competir pela primeira vez no Nordic Championship 2021 que começa no dia 24 de março de 2021!

Aqui está a line oficial da SKADE Rainbow Six Siege

Lio ‘Liyero’ Garts (IGL)

Jošt ‘Drater’ Celar

Riccardo ‘RaiDeN’ Antoni

Jakub ‘Royal‘ Engel

Yanis ‘Hirox’ Boehrer