The end of a journey

Chaucer once said, “There is an end to everything, to good things as well.”, and for our beloved PUBG squad the time has come.

Late in 2020 we had the pleasure of signing a great pack of hunters as passionate about esports as we are. As we got in touch with NOOKIE, Mise, Anonymous, Sikora and Saukki, there was no doubt we wanted to work with them in the long run.

Now, a year down the road these hunters have shown us and their fans all the passion, work ethic and skill we could have ever hoped for. Making it into 3 our of 4 possible tournaments giving PGC points and deep runs in many more. They even managed to end the 2021 season as champions of eSM and runner up in Frag League S7.

As we are now at the end of 2021, we have known for some time that real life would bring our amazing PUBG adventure to an end for now. Anonymous and Mise will continue their journey in life with mandatory military service where they can put their tactical skill to a true test! And Sikora gets to start a new chapter in his life as a father in 2022! NOOKIE will continue his journey in esports and with the passion and dedication he has there is no stopping him!

“PUBG is one of my favourite games of all time and i have loved every moment of this journey! With PUBG corp throwing challenge after challenge at players and teams. The passion of these players have really been a beakon of light to everyone! They never gave up, never let challenges stop them and ALWAYS showed up ready for a fight! I wish them all the best in what is to come.”Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes, Head of esports

“Looking back on the year it has definitely been a year of ups and downs. On our peak form we were challenging for the top 5 of Europe and on our low points I think we were still inside the top 16. We fell short of our ultimate goal of PGC, but not by much, and we knew we were fighting an uphill battle. It still feels good to know we were for sure capable to contest for winning against even the best. We just needed a bit more time. Bringing home the back to back ESM championships was also fun for all of us. I personally want to give big thanks for believing in us to the whole SKADE organisation , investors, and especially Kim-Erik “ZarotaN” Aanes, Head of esports. You gave us a shot to reach for our dreams and I know that the whole team is thankful for this opportunity.”AnttoniSikoraHelminen

As this chapter now closes, we in SKADE will take a step back and evaluate all our options. PUBG is by no means something we are willing to give up on, but we need the correct opportunity and more importantly we need to keep in mind what PUBG Corp might come up with next.

Give these hunters a round of applause and send them off in the best way you can come up with!

Joona “NOOKIE” Närvänen

Miska “Mise” Malkamäki

Tuomas “Anonymous” Mustaparta

Anttoni “Sikora” Helminen

Saul “SauKKi” Klemola


Frag League Season 6 runner up’s!!

A grueling grand final running over the past four sundays comes to an end and we secure a 2nd place finish!

Frag League season 6 delivered as expected with PUBG action of a really high competitive level. As the season started we got to see a tournament with many of the absolute best players and teams from the Nordic regions.

A four week slugfest was ready and the SKADE squad came in ready to fight! The guys had to bring their a-game week after week as they fought their way towards the top. And the fourth and final week was no exception to this.

We had a really rough start to the day, and coming into the day in 2nd place there was no room to rest. The first rounds gave us a serious challenge and as the final map came about we were no longer in 2nd. The guys got their focus back and came into the map out for blood!

Finally getting a good possition on the map early on allowed the guys to use all their experience and gamesense. As the teams we needed to keep away fell one by one, everything was in the hands of our guys. And they played it to perfection. Landing the final chicken dinner and banking the points needed to secure the 2nd place finish!

This game was a much needed one to bring into the coming rounds of PUBG Continental Series 4: Europe. The guys are now pumped and ready to fight for new titles!

Congratulations guys! Sikora Mise Anonymous NOOKIE


SKADE April report

Better late than never right?

Having a goal of doing a monthly writeup is a great push for me to take some time to reflect on how amazing this journey is! We have so many things going on at all times and it is easy to forget how much we have done in this short time. I finally decided to sit myself down, breathe and really reflect on what the past month has been like. HOLY SHIT! Everyone in SKADE truly do amazing things!

So what was April like for SKADE? Check this out!

Fan Engagement:

What a month we had! We started the month with a lot of hype coming over from March and it everyone was pumped and ready to put some effort into social media. The fact that we continued to kick ass in CS:GO, PUBG AND CoD Mobile sure did it’s part.

We continue to explore the mobile gaming industry in Brazil and our biggest move on that front was in social media where we landed our first influencer. With the signing of Rafael “JAPA” Nakata Tamashiro we increase our reach by adding thousands of followers to the pack.

What was the result of this you ask? Our reach for April is up by 207.54% compared to March!!


In what most would say was a bonkers month we had more than 100 official matches and the strain on our players was crazy (thank you TO’s for stacking everything), but amazing things came from it!!

Our CS:GO team has been on fire for some time already, but April was something else! 36 officials on HLTV, including a 18 match win streak! Not to mention the fact that we became Champions of Elisa Invitational! 😉 Oh, remember when we cheered for reaching rank #34 in the World in March? We finished April sitting comfortably at #23 IN THE WORLD!!

In PUBG the boys continued their impressive form from March and with that they secured their spot in the grand final of this years first A-Tier tournament! This tournament was seriously stacked, and all the teams put up a fight for the first shot at PGC Points. We ended up taking a solid 8th place and with that the guys secured their first points towards the PUBG Global championship!!

Call of Duty Mobile is still new to us and it is growing on us all. The COD Mobile world championship was announced and with it came a set of rules. This means we had to change a player due to age restrictions and a window opened to get our hands on another player we had been looking at. We brought in 2 new players and now we have an active roster of 6 players while we wait for MTS to turn 18. 😉 This did not stop the guys and their grind. They won another tournament as they became the champions of Golden League and now all their focus has turned towards the World championship!


With the incredible growth we have had in SKADE it was finally time to expand our staff and April was a great month for us in terms of this. We landed 4 new dedicated staff members that will be putting their own flavor to how we operate on a day to day basis. Morten SkalandCornelius HjortErlend Stålsett Nes and William Edvardsen are now a part of the pack! And guess what? We are still looking for more 😉

“Everything has been moving at an incredible speed lately and it can be hard to stop, breathe and enjoy all of this. I am fortunate enough to have surrounded me with people, staff and players that allow me to do this. Esports moves at a crazy speed and everyone involved need to be on top of their game. My job in this is to remind people of the amazing things we accomplish and remind people to breathe, enjoy and flow with this.” – CEO, Kim-Erik Aanes


Soltinn Veidimadr, PUBG

We’re always on a lookout for a challenge across various disciplines that are not in our current pool. After a lot of constant evaluation, we found a group of players that are capable enough to go head-to-head against some of the best teams in the world! Please welcome our latest PUBG PC Roster! You’ll see them wearing our colours in the upcoming DreamHack Winter Showdown Main Event – Europe.

Coach Saul ‘SauKKi’ Klemola had this to say about joining us:

“Joining SKADE means us the beginning of a new chapter. We can forget the worries we have had and focus more on the most important thing, gaming. SKADE is everything we have been looking for for so long. They share the same values as us and everything feels like home. We look most forward to the next LAN event we compete in. Feeling the atmosphere of the arena, meeting the staff of SKADE and of course raising the trophy!”

Here is what our CEO Kim-Erik ‘Zarotan’ Aanes had to say about the move:
“We have been trying to find a way into the PUBG scene for some time now and when this opportunity presented itself we did not hesitate for a second. The game has a loyal following and spectator numbers are growing, so this is another title where we can think long term. Another big stepping stone for us as a brand!“

Here’s the final PUBG PC Roster:

IGL Joona Närvänen aka NOOKIE

Miska Malkamäki aka Mise

Anttoni Helminen aka Sikora

Tuomas Mustaparta aka Anonymous

Coach: Saul Klemola aka SauKKi