DreamHack Showdown!!

Tomorrow marks a big day for us as the SKADE female team starts their journey in DreamHack Showdown!!

It is finally time for them to show what they have on the big stage and they are hungry for success! We start things tomorrow by going up against Giants Gaming at 14:00 CEST!

DreamHack Showdown bolsters a prize pool of 25.000$ and just by making it into the top 6 stages the team has secured a bit of winnings already. The other teams in the tournament consists of Galaxy Racer, Originem, Arcane Wave and Team DeftFox.

“We have all worked really hard to be able to qualify for this tournament as it is one of the biggest ones for the female scene. Due to us being a fairly new team we had to work extra hard to catch up with other teams. We have had professional players who has coached us during praccs and officials to help us faster and they all have been a huge impact to the team we have ended up being now” – Eda “Flutura” Mutu

“As the IGL I have the responsability to be the “stronghold” of the team both inside and outside of the game. We definitely have aspects where we’re lacking in due to the short amount of time spent together, but the ambition and enthusiasm that we have within the team will always push us to our best form.” – Cassandra “kessziwOw” Héjja

“Hello all! My name is Anja and I am the entry fragger for skade female. I’ve been working super hard in preparation for dreamhack showdown! Every single day i am dming to ensure my aim is in top shape for the tournament. Im very excited to show some results with the team.” – Anja “aNNja” Vasalic