A hunter departs the pack

As we announced changes in the lineup, it was also made clear that Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev was free to explore options.

His journey with SKADE now has come to an end and we want to thank one of last seasons strongest Bulgarian players for his services.

In his time with us he helped us grab 7 tournament wins, helped us get to IEM in Stockholm and many other incredible runs. He also delivered some of our most memorable plays in 2021 and will surely be a great addition wherever he ends up next.

Big thanks hunter! Keep building that trophy wall with bigger and bigger prey! #KeepHunting


The hunting party is complete!

We are happy to announce that Kamen “bubble” Kostadinov and Simeon “dream3r” Ganev have joined the pack!

As we are about to embark on a new season it is with great excitement that we can announce the complete hunting party! 2022 has been in the works for quite some time now and with these additions we are ready.

SKADE will be aiming for bigger prey than ever before and with the addition of a dedicated IGL in Kamen “bubble” Kostadinov and the fragging power of Simeon “dream3r” Ganev, there’s no stopping this squad! #LetsHunt2022

“I am excited to join SKADE. I believe that we have built a really strong lineup with a lot of firepower and motivation by the youngsters. Looking forward to reach new heights in 2022 #LetsHunt”Kamen bubbleKostadinov

“We are on a journey to build a powerhouse in esports and CSGO is at the tip of the spear. With the addition of both experience and more firepower to what was already a really strong lineup in 2021, there truly is no limit to what 2022 might hold for us!”Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes

This season starts with the following hunting party:

Kamen bubbleKostadinov

Simeon dream3rGanev

Georgi SHiPZGrigorov

Denislav dennyslawDimitrov

Aleks RainwakerPetrov


A new hunter joins the pack!

In a period where we have announced several departures, it is now time to bring someone new to the pack.

With this in mind we are happy to present you all with the latest addition to our COD Mobile pack, Danilo MihawkKim!!

We have been searching for a new fifth for quite some time now, even before COD Worlds. Now that worlds is done with and the roster changes are happening we had the opportunity to sign with Mihawk, who we think is the perfect match for our squad.

He has shown what he can do in the role as captain for Godsent and there is no doubt he has the firepower to be one of the greatest. As a player known for intelligent plays, we are confident that he can bring a lot to the table now as we partner him up with our own professor of COD, Palitao.

“It’s been a long and detailed process trying to find a good match for our sqaud with long term goals in mind. We are on a quest to not only build on what we have started, as the best team in LATAM. But also towards becoming the best in the world. Danilo MihawkKim seems like a perfect fit to that puzzle.”Kim-Erik “ZarotaN” Aanes, Head of esports

“Having been their main rival for two years as their opponent’s captain. I’m now a part of this team! It feels like now the main strengths from each side are all gathered together. I hope that I can turn out to be the greatest addition to this team! I’ll do my best as I’ve always done, to be #1 at any cost.”Danilo MihawkKim

In January the work starts and people will see our new squad in action towards the end of the month. We plan to hit 2022 with as much impact as an avalanche set of by Skaði herself!! #LetsHunt


The end of a journey

Chaucer once said, “There is an end to everything, to good things as well.”, and for our beloved PUBG squad the time has come.

Late in 2020 we had the pleasure of signing a great pack of hunters as passionate about esports as we are. As we got in touch with NOOKIE, Mise, Anonymous, Sikora and Saukki, there was no doubt we wanted to work with them in the long run.

Now, a year down the road these hunters have shown us and their fans all the passion, work ethic and skill we could have ever hoped for. Making it into 3 our of 4 possible tournaments giving PGC points and deep runs in many more. They even managed to end the 2021 season as champions of eSM and runner up in Frag League S7.

As we are now at the end of 2021, we have known for some time that real life would bring our amazing PUBG adventure to an end for now. Anonymous and Mise will continue their journey in life with mandatory military service where they can put their tactical skill to a true test! And Sikora gets to start a new chapter in his life as a father in 2022! NOOKIE will continue his journey in esports and with the passion and dedication he has there is no stopping him!

“PUBG is one of my favourite games of all time and i have loved every moment of this journey! With PUBG corp throwing challenge after challenge at players and teams. The passion of these players have really been a beakon of light to everyone! They never gave up, never let challenges stop them and ALWAYS showed up ready for a fight! I wish them all the best in what is to come.”Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes, Head of esports

“Looking back on the year it has definitely been a year of ups and downs. On our peak form we were challenging for the top 5 of Europe and on our low points I think we were still inside the top 16. We fell short of our ultimate goal of PGC, but not by much, and we knew we were fighting an uphill battle. It still feels good to know we were for sure capable to contest for winning against even the best. We just needed a bit more time. Bringing home the back to back ESM championships was also fun for all of us. I personally want to give big thanks for believing in us to the whole SKADE organisation , investors, and especially Kim-Erik “ZarotaN” Aanes, Head of esports. You gave us a shot to reach for our dreams and I know that the whole team is thankful for this opportunity.”AnttoniSikoraHelminen

As this chapter now closes, we in SKADE will take a step back and evaluate all our options. PUBG is by no means something we are willing to give up on, but we need the correct opportunity and more importantly we need to keep in mind what PUBG Corp might come up with next.

Give these hunters a round of applause and send them off in the best way you can come up with!

Joona “NOOKIE” Närvänen

Miska “Mise” Malkamäki

Tuomas “Anonymous” Mustaparta

Anttoni “Sikora” Helminen

Saul “SauKKi” Klemola


Migueliz going on to new adventures

After a successful World Championship campaign with the hunters, Miguel “Migueliz” Carvalho will be leaving SKADE to explore new opportunities in his career.

While the squad left their mark at the COD Mobile World Championship 2021, it’s time for us to head to a new direction.

Joining in the squad as a slayer/support before the World Championship 2021 Qualifiers began, he quickly cemented himself as one of the best and most flexible players in the region. Known for his aggressive fragging even during tight situations while flexing to multiple roles, he leaves behind a legacy COD: Mobile – World Championship 2021 & the LATAM Qualifiers.

“Miguel came in late in the world qualifiers for us and really showed a heroic performance. He flew out to bootcamp with the squad on short notice and managed to have a big impact on several qualifier matches. As the time now has come for him to explore new opportunities i hope that he finds a great group to play with.”Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes, Head of Esports.

He quickly became a fan favourite once his bubbly personality got out. Never afraid to show his emotions on stage or his opinions Migueliz has garnered a legion of fans throughout his career and he will surely continue to do so.



A time for change

As the season comes to an end it is also a time to evaluate our roster and we have concluded that change is needed.

With this in mind we bid farewell to KalinKalubeRErenditsov and he is now free to explore his future with other teams.

He was the latest addition to our squad and has had some impressive results in a short time. With him in the squad we managed to claim victories in tournaments such as William Hill Cup, IronWar Grand Prix and many other impressive results. He was also with us at IEM Fall where we came as close as one can get against some of the biggest names in esports.

“When we brought KalubeR into the squad we knew there was a lot of raw potential there. And he has managed to show us on several occations that there is plenty of firepower in him. This time it came down to our lineup being in dire need of more experience and thus a change has to be done.” – Head of esports, Kim-ErikZarotaNAanes

We want to wish this hunter all the best of luck in his future endevours and we hope to see him find a fitting new home.

For us in SKADE the journey and evaluation now continues with updates to the lineup to follow shortly.



Tomorrow we start our journey in the biggest event to date for SKADE! The Call Of Duty®: Mobile World Championship 2021 goes live and we take on the best teams in the world to crown the ultimate champion.

The event coverage will be live Saturday from 16:00 CET on the official Youtube channel for CoD Mobile esports.

Due to the covid situation in the world the tournament has been split in two different regions and our squad will play the LATAM, NA and EU division. Where we will take on giants such as GODSENT, NAVI, Tribal and Full House.

The guys have been preparing for months and the weeks prior to this event they had an amazing bootcamp. They are fit for fight and ready to show everyone what they got. Mobile esports has exploded and this is your chance to watch the best of the best in action. Tune in and get ready to be amazed.


Another fraud tournament

Some months ago, we were crowned Iron War Grand Prix 2021 champions. Sadly, in the time after it has been made clear to us that this is another fraud tournament.

Just days after the tournament concluded we started suspecting something was up. Some admins started ignoring teams, others changed their discord names and some even just left their own tournament discord. However, we were still in communication with the “owners” and had hopes that things would get sorted out.

Sadly, while this process was running the same people managed to host another tournament and trick even more teams. Doing this results in teams missing out on other and more serious tournaments, players getting drained and fans getting decieved.

The unfortunate reality is that this to us, is just one more tournament in a growing list. Where we are a club and our players are taken advantage of by shady people willing to do anything to get their cut of this industry that we love so much. And while taking their cut (because they do have sponsors and partners that pay them), they are hurting our beloved industry badly. They are hurting the players, the teams and the fans… but most of all the sponsors and partners they work with might never invest in esports again.

We are no longer willing to keep quiet about this and starting today we will make sure to out and expose every TO that does this.

IronWar Grand Prix


Thank you, OxygeN!

As everyone is already aware that OxygeN was benched from our active CS:GO roster a couple of months ago but today, we’ve mutually decided to part ways and release him from his contract. We would like to thank OxygeN for his unmatched commitment to the team & had a fantastic journey with him. Apart from winning several tournaments, he was also a part of the team that attained our peak world ranking #18!

At SKADE, we will be forever proud of what OxygeN accomplished under our banner and grateful for everything he made possible. Be it his Ace kill against HellRaisers or his quad kill against Endpoint his performances are still vivid in our minds.

“Blagoi has been an important role in our significant climbing on the ranks, especially over the recent year. We are grateful for his efforts, and wish him great luck in his development with another organization.” – Morten Skaland, CEO

SKADE and the fans will always cherish the memories and achievements we’ve had together! Good luck in what the future holds for you buddy, we know you’re gonna kill it.
#LetsHunt 🏹


SKADE CSGO roster update

As we keep on evolving the time has come for another roster change in our CSGO squad.

The first action of our ongoing roster change means that Blagoi “oxygeN” Dimitrov has been benched. With that he is looking to explore potential offers out there and we will do our part to facilitate it.

“I personally think that any team out there looking for firepower and a young player that can be molded need to get tuned in on this opportunity. We had to prioritize a different role to take the next step in our squad, but that does not take away from the raw skill of oxygeN at all. Hopefully interested teams will not hesitate to reach out and find out what he has to offer.” – Head of esports, Kim-Erik “ZarotaN” Aanes

“I am looking to explore options from any team and any region. The future still has a lot in store for me and my journey is just getting started.” – Blagoi “oxygeN” Dimitrov

For anyone interested in exploring this opportunity, feel free to reach out to our head of esports Kim-Erik Aanes via email or for a more casual chat on discord Zarotan#2804.