We are going to our first World Championship!

After an incredible weekend our amazing Call of Duty Mobile squad can claim their title as Brazil’s number one team and gear up for worlds!

For the past month the guys have been bootcamping to make sure they were as ready as could be for the final stage of the qualifiers. During the camp they have shown impressive form and as the main event came close there seemed to be no stopping them.

As the qualifier started it quickly became clear for anyone watching that the guys were as hungry as they seemed. After 3 solid matches the guys won the upper bracket and with that they had already secured their spot in Worlds. The grand final brought them the only loss they had in the qualifier as they fell to the Mexican powerhouse that is Zygnus esports.

This means that we are going to the Call of Duty Mobile world championship 2021!! Where we will not only fight for the title as the best team in the world, but our share of $2.000.000!!

On top of the incredible performance the guys made tons of content and preparations for the time to come. So make sure you tune in to our social medias to stay up to date.


IronWar Champions!

We joined the war and came out victorious after a really solid run throughout the tournament!

The guys came our of their player break ready to fight and IronWar Grand Prix was the first piece of action they got. In a fairly stacked tournament the guys got a perfect startup after some relaxation.

In a solid perfomance they closed out the group stages with a 3 – 1 score after taking down teams such as INDE Irae, B8 and BEZ ZP.

When the playoffs came around the guys were already tuned in and there was little doubt what goal they had set. With a solid perfomance of 7 – 1 in maps and a crushing 3 – 0 final against AGO. The guys were victorious and could celebrate yet another tournament win!

Season 2 has already been announced and we are ready to defend the title when the time comes!


REPUBLEAGUE Season 1 Champions!!

REPUBLEAGUE Season 1 just concluded and we grabbed the best of 5 grand final in a 3 – 0 fashion!

REPUBLEAGUE Season 1 turned out to be a rollercoaster of constant action. After winning the first European qualifier with some really close games, the guys were feeling confident for the swiss stage. However we had a unexpected start and started our run with a loss and we had to go all five rounds to secure our advancement from swiss.

In the playoffs the guys had a completely different mindset tho! With a clean run of victories and only dropping a single map in 10 maps the guys showed everyone what they are made of! Taking down Young Ninjas, Endpoint and SAW (TWICE!) it was no small feat.

This marks the biggest single tournament win to date for SKADE as a team in terms of prize money, and also a turning point for the team as they have been a bit off their groove lately. Time to charge up, relax and reset as there’s plenty more action to come!

“We had a rough period the last couple of weeks but it just felt like we were in shape when we played this tournament.Really happy overall with the team performance and we are hoping to get back to form in the upcoming weeks” – Viktor “Duplicate” Mitev

“After a though period with the team, this win is a huge confidence boost for us. We are gonna show everyone that we aren’t the next team that has a honeymoon period and then goes silent. Also thanks to anyone who supports us, it means a lot and it can really affect our days possitively!” – Blagoi “oxygeN” Dimitrov

“I am just beyond proud to see the boys take this one home! They have been in a rough place lately and trying to find your flow after the amazing run we had can be really hard. Today they had their killer focus back and they came into the server to win and nothing else mattered. I still feel their journey has barely started so people need to wake up and tune in for these guys!” – CEO, Kim-Erik “Zarotan” Aanes


cyberPRO Champions

Today marked a big day for us as we came out victorious in the cyberPRO Series #2!! And not only that, we had a perfect run!

This year has been a strange one for us in many ways and we have had our fair share of bad luck. That makes this win all the more important to the boys, as they finally got to show their full potential.

We started the tournament taking down lvlUP esports and Golden Knights gaming in the group stages and thus securing a good seed going into the playoffs.

The playoffs had some serious names listed and in our run we had to take down NAVI-Junior, Team Singularity and finally Lyngby Vikings.

With tons and tons of tournaments to come we are glad to see that the boys are hungry and ready to fight! We are excited to see what’s to come!

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Bellum Gens Elite – Stara Zagora

This week we had the pleasure of attending our first LAN event after the covid outbreak. With 4 other invited teams and 5 teams that made it past the open qualifiers, we were ready to battle it out over the weekend.

We got a bumpy start as we ran into an unexpected loss in the first match of the group stages to MBAPPEEK. However we picked things up again and after a run in the lower brackets we got to the playoffs.

Here we faced our Bulgarian rivals FATE for the semi-finals! It ended up in a BO3 slugfest where we came out on top 2 – 1 in the end. This was an important battle for us and one of the highlights of the year.

In the grand final we once again came up against our round 1 opponents in MBAPPEEK. Once again the audience got to witness an amazing series of games! In the firs map of the series, we needed 4 overtimes to conclude it. MBAPPEEK came out victorious in that one, but we bounced back with a win on map 2 of the series. The 3rd map of the series was another hard fought map, but in  the end MBAPPEEK closed it out.

We came out in 2nd place of the tournaments and with that landed one of our strongest results of the year! With the result the boys also took home $2.500 and a great performance! We cant wait to see what comes up next.




Through February we’ve been extremely proud of our team to have overcome the European Qualifier, granting us a spot at the Global Qualifier of Flashpoint League. Defeating several teams higher ranked than us, going on a 6/1 win/loss run we gained one of only two tickets, finishing second among 32 teams total in the European qualifiers.

It is with great sadness we have to cancel the trip due to a series of VISA application issues at the US Bulgarian Embassy, where our team and coach were declined their VISA`s as a result we are not able to participate in this event.

We want to thank the lawyers from FaceIT and those at the Embassy trying their best to help us with the VISA’s. We understand they had to do everything by the book, we are sad to say that it all came down to a misunderstanding about the potential winnings from the tournament.

We as a team are upset about this, but again this is not the end of the world! With the experience about how this process works will surely give us ammunition not to fail at a later stage. Because there will for sure will be several later stages!

We are practicing and prepared for new challenges and we have just begun our preparations for the Copenhagen Games in about 1.5 months.

Stay tuned Denmark. We are coming!


FlashPoint | Here we go!

FlashPoint | Here we go!

What an adventure the boys have gone through, big victory for the Skade squad Next up is the Global Qualifiers In Los Angeles. What a match we had. GG and well fought by Team Spirit

We are thrilled and excited to play live on LAN once again, Super proud of all the boys, and we will focus on practice and be ready for LA 3rd-5th of March

“Overall I’m really proud of the team, we’ve had a really confident game, no pressure at all throughout the whole series. We just played like practice and we took the win.” Teodor “Spellan” Nikolov

“Can’t express myself right now I’m so happy. Really proud of the team, every one played so well.. Some crucial rounds went in our favor and that helped us secure the second map.” Alex “Rainwaker” Petrov

“My hands are f*g shaking i was literally crying on the phone with my mother and my baby brother” Ivan “rock1ng” Stratiev

“Overall I’m really proud of the team, we’ve had a really confident game, no pressure at all throughout the whole series. We just played like practice and we took the win.” Kostadin “rafftu” Turbinov

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Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Flashpoint Closed Qualifier

Amazing news everyone, we have got the direct invitation to the closed qualifier of the Flashpoint CS:GO tournament “played from February 14th-17th”

We are extremely grateful and happy to have received this invitation 🤠 we hope to reach far 🏆 and we will prepare this upcoming week, not letting this awesome opportunity slip by.

On our twitter we have daily updates and there will be more information about the matches coming up 😃

-Kim-Erik Aanes
“We are super excited to get this invite, and not just because it’s a big tournament. For us it’s also a sign of recognition that our hard work is starting to show and pay off. Now all focus is on preparation for this qualifier and hopefully the boys will bring their a-game for this one. If they do there is no stopping them”

“We are so grateful that we got invited to the FLASHPOINT closed Qualifier, we were struggling to get invites for closed quals. Now as soon as we got this chance we don’t think we are going to miss it out, we will prepare and we gonna do our best to qualify for the L.A playoffs and qualify for the Global Event”…/5…/flashpoint-europe-closed-qualifier

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